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Live Life At Home

At Live Life At Home, our mission is to help you stay in your home or wherever you call home. We specialize in providing non-medical in-home care. We have been providing care to disabled Adults and Seniors for over a decade. Through our experiences, we recognize the importance of providing a safe and nurturing home environment.

What You Need to Know About Ambulation Care

Ambulation care can benefit us in more ways than one. We often think that post-surgery or post-stroke care is just having a caregiver who can attend to our mobility needs. But if we want to get back on our feet faster than expected, ambulation care is definitely worth the consideration.

Senior Living Hacks: Tips for Maintaining Good Hygiene

Senior hygiene is just as important as taking care of our health. Being able to maintain a good personal hygiene can vastly improve our mood and our emotional disposition. It keeps us positive and it reminds us that aging should not be a barrier to taking good care of ourselves.

How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones When It Comes to Incontinence Care

Incontinence is a condition wherein a person does not have control over urination or when relieving themselves. This is a pretty tough topic to tackle but it’s important that we are aware that such concern exists. A lot of senior individuals often have this condition. At times, incontinence can lead to embarrassing situations both at home and in public.

Dementia Care: 3 General Pointers When Looking After Your Aging Parent Who Has Dementia

Dementia affects a lot of aging adults. At times, the decline in their memories and cognitive functions make people forget names, people, places, and even tasks they used to do before. At the same time, they may exhibit changes in their behaviors.

The Easier Life: 6 Perks of Living with a Home Care Companion

Home care is a program designed for patients with special needs and is in critical circumstances.

6 Surprising Ways In-Home Caregivers Can Save Senior Citizens

Home caregivers are not only there to make life easier and more livable. They also offer services that you don't know they are capable of.

Effective Exercises That Senior Citizens Can Do At Home

As a senior citizen, it is quite important to maintain an active lifestyle. It is important to stay active and to keep moving for better health.

Why Senior Citizens Should Maintain a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a balanced and nutritious diet.

5 Tips to Create a Safe and Friendly Environment for Our Senior Loved Ones

To help our senior loved ones live more comfortably at home, here are a few tips on how we can help our senior loved ones live comfortably.

3 House-Help Tips for Seniors Going Through the Motions of Aging

The difficulty is set higher as we go through life taking care of ourselves, especially senior citizens going through the motions of aging.

Dear Granny, Here are Transportation Options that Make Grocery Shopping Easier

In providing in-home care in Laguna Hills California, we have found strategies that promote a senior’s independence and keeping them safe.

5 Tips: What to Remember in a Senior’s Dietary Needs

Just make sure that there’s a staff member from an agency offering in-home care in Laguna Hills California who can see to it that they take the supplements on time.

Laguna Hills | Non-Medical Home Care in California | Live Life At Home

Please give us a call at 949-870-5655 or email to request for info about Companionship, Respite Care or Live-In Care.

Home Care Services | Laguna Hills, California | Live Life At Home

You can ask more questions about Home Care, Personal Care or Care Consultations! Please feel free to call us at 949-870-5655.

In-Home Care in Laguna Hills, California | Live Life At Home

Find more info about Live-In Care, Home Care or Care Consultations when you visit our website at! You can also call 949-870-5655.

Non-Medical Home Care | Live Life At Home | Laguna Hills, California

Go ahead and ask about Personal Care, Companionship, or Live-In Care when you call us at 949-870-5655 today.

Finding the Best Caregivers for Your Loved One

When you are looking for assistance and in-home care in Laguna Hills, California, it is important to take your time and do your research.

How to Reduce Stress at an Advanced Age

If you would like to find out more about our non-medical home care in California please get in touch with us at Live Life At Home anytime.

Home Care Staff | Live Life At Home | Laguna Hills, California

Our caregivers are screened thoroughly with background and security checks prior to employment. Our caregivers undergo orientation in the Live Life At Homeheart model of care. We are licensed, insured and bonded. Each of our caregivers is coached, supervised, mentored, and supported to ensure they meet our standards of In-Home Care in Laguna Hills, California.

When Should You Consider In-Home Care for Your Loved One?

Get assistance from in-home care in Laguna Hills, California is an excellent option for seniors looking for care in the comfort of home.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Stress in Your Daily Life?

If you would like to find out more about this or about our superb non-medical home care in California, contact Live Life at Home.

Chair Exercises to Keep Your Elderly Fit at Home

Through wellness programs for in-home care in Laguna Hills California, we incorporate simple exercises for your elder family members at home.

Keep Constipation at Bay with These Healthy Solutions

To ensure healthy meal solutions for your senior loved ones, get in touch with us at Live Life At Home.

Home Care Insurance Payment | Live Life At Home | Laguna Hills CA

Live Life At Homeheart accepts many long term care policies. Please call 949-870-5655 to speak with our Care Consultant about your insurance and other payment forms for In-Home Care in Laguna Hills, California.

3 Advantages of In-Home Care Services for Your Senior Loved Ones

It is usually a tough decision to make when choosing the best option for your elderly loved ones—as they grow older and need more care and support— as we have to consider a lot of things such as the type and quality of care they are getting, and the people who will be working and handling them.