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Designer handbags from Esin Akan London:

Designer handbags, luxury bags from Esin Akan London. Esin Akan designs unique, clever and contemporary leather handbags - for urban women - that are easy to transition from work to evening, weekday to weekend through the convertible design features.

Esin Akan launched her eponymous London based label in 2012 during her MBA at London Business School after winning the Top Business Award. Having worked for Burberry and Anya Hindmarch Esin formed a wealth of knowledge within the luxury handbags industry for over ten years. A graduate of Accessories Design, IMB in Milan and Central Saint Martins in London, Esin developed her first collection with the top leather handbag suppliers in Turkey.

Akan describes her design ambition as “helping busy women look stylish in every situation; from the office to a night out with friends, from a weekday to a weekend break” creating bags that remain elegant and timeless.

Since the company launch the brand has won many awards, the most recent award is "The Best Designer Bag Brand- UK" by Lux 2017, Global Excellence Award. The brand has been featured by well-known magazines including Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times/Style. The collaborations with well-known bloggers and influential women such as Lorna Lux, Sarah Mikaela, Dreaming of Channel, Eimear Varian Barry, Mariko Kuo have increased the brand awareness. The brand currently sells at Harvey Nichols, UK and selected luxury boutiques worldwide.

Esin Akan collection offers an exclusive range of luxury handbags designed for the modern woman. Playing on our fascination of combining versatile multi-functional elements with luxury craftsmanship and style we bring you our most distinguished collection to date.

Inspired by the busy lifestyle of independent, modern woman the new collection offers stylish handbags designed to be both elegant and highly functional; bags that help women effortlessly transition between the office, gym, evening events and even weekends away – helping women to "do it all"

Crafted in Europe using the highest quality bespoke calf and exotic leathers our bags are built to be timeless. Focusing on our core values of high quality and sustainable style we have incorporated innovative design elements into each bag allowing them to be reborn or regenerated throughout the day, a new season and years to come…style and quality that lasts a lifetime.


Luxury Handbags | Designer Handbags

Smart Leather Bags that can convert into different shapes sizes and colors to adapt the needs of urban women and help women transition from work to evening, from weekday to weekend and even different seasons. Handcrafted in Turkey with premium leather. Crossbody Bag, Tote Bag, Work Bag, Backpack, Bucket Bag, Shopping Bag, Drawstring Bag, Backpack Tote.

Convertible Handbags

Esin Akan’s iconic convertible handbags will help you adapt any scenario from work to evening, weekday to weekend with elegance and style. Free Worldwide Shipping

Leather Tote Bags

Explore the most versatile and stylish leather tote bags. Esin Akan leather totes can convert into different shapes, sizes and colours and easily adapt different scenarios. Perfect to use as a work tote, a travel bag or a laptop tote bag. Free Worldwide Shipping and Returns

Leather Cross Body Bags

Explore Esin Akan’s iconic leather cross body bags that will help you adapt any scenario from work to evening, weekday to weekend with elegance and style | Free Worldwide Shipping | Free Worldwide Returns

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