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Top 10 Types of Travelling – Wanderlust

Travel experiences come in various shapes and sizes from short-term fun to long soul-searching adventures. Here is a list of the top ten travel experiences.


Weekend travel

This type of travel is ideal for busy professionals. You can either pick a long weekend or opt to travel on Friday night and get back on Sunday. If you plan ahead, you can always book cheap flights and plan your own getaway with a bit of good old research. Many travellers prefer a relaxing weekend on the beach with a couple of spa sessions thrown in or a tranquil getaway in the midst of nature's bounty.


The Package Holiday

If you are too busy to plan your own holiday, look for a package holiday. You can simply express your requirements to a travel agent and he or she will make all the arrangements on your behalf. Some travel agencies offer readymade travel packages too. Perhaps you would like to lounge about on a beach with a fruity cocktail and a detective novel or go on a river cruise. Bangkok offers plenty of options if you wish for the latter.


The Group Tour

If you enjoy making new friends and the reassuring feeling that a pre-planned itinerary provides, you will find Group tours appealing. Choose the Group tour that works best for you from the plethora of such tours available out there. You can explore other cultures and experience unique activities that you did not even know existed. Some Group tours include day tours such as day tours aboard a cruise such as Anantara Cruises which allows travellers to explore age-old cultures from a different perspective. The good thing about Group tours is that you will rarely feel bored as the itineraries are usually action-packed.


The Road Trip

Pack up a rented RV or even your own vehicle and hit the road. This is the type of travel allows you to freely explore any area that you prefer. Go on a road trip towards a hilly area with plenty of waterways or simply drive along a road that you've never travelled before. Be sure to pack up on essentials and be ready for any emergency. If you are travelling with young children, this type of travel will appeal to you as you can be flexible to accommodate their unpredictable moods.


Volunteer Travel

Volunteer travel can be a rewarding and an educational experience. If you are considering volunteer travel, try and do in-depth research into the options available out there. Make sure you choose an activity that can truly make a difference and something that you can handle without feeling overwhelmed.


Long-Term Travel

Most long-term travellers are backpackers with a real passion for discovering different cultures and destinations. This is a lifestyle choice that if you possess wanderlust and a sense of adventure can change your life. Long-term travellers take it slow and opt to linger around at each place of discovery to absorb all that they can. Moreover, this type of travel requires stamina, patience and adaptability.


The Gap Year

While Gap year travel is largely associated with students and young people, anyone can take time off to travel the world for a year. You can even find ways to earn money while you travel the world for a whole year. If you are considering taking a long break from everything to explore the world, plan well ahead and look for options that will allow you to earn a living on the route to discovery.


Visiting Friends or Relatives

If your friends and family live abroad, you can schedule your holiday to coincide with a period that is convenient for them and choose to stay with them. You can save on accommodation costs and have a great time with loved ones. In addition, you will be able to explore that area with someone who knows it inside and out.


Event Travel

Each year, hundreds of interesting events take place all over the world. Be it a surfing competition, musical festival or even the Olympics, you will be part of the large crowd with shared interests.


Business Travel

While it may be hard to fit in a lot of travel time on a business trip, you can easily schedule a few activities and even an extra day to explore the city that you are visiting.