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05 Experiences That Would Redefine Phuket – Escape the Mundane

Luxurious, exquisitely beautiful and accommodating, Phuket is dream vacation destination for those who love beaches and seek an escape from the mundane.


Phang Nga Bay

Once you've settled well into your first Phuket luxury resort, take a full day to visit Phang Nga Bay. One of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the stunning scenery of the bay is to go on a day trip by boat. You will find the limestone karsts that rise out of the turquoise depths mesmerizing as a fairy tale. You can make brief stops near the tranquil beach or two for respite and otherwise continue to absorb the otherworldly beauty of the limestone islands.


Phi Phi Island

Even the most cynical of travellers, wary of the superstar status of Phi Phi Island will not be able to resist the allure of the islands. As you approach the island on your boat, the cliff towers of the islands will rise above the waters like an ancient fortress that Odysseys may have encountered during his voyage. Once you land there, the jungle that overlooks the beach will beckon you to linger awhile. A sense of laid-back serenity prevails across the islands with Phi Phi Leh Island appealing to the explorer within you given that no one (human) has settled there.


Night Markets

Once you've explored some of the islands, go catch the pulsating vibe of night markets in Phuket and discover their unique charm. Some of the night markets provide plenty of entertainment in the guise of street performance and music in the air while others appeal to your senses with the sheer variety of good available. Chillva market, Phuket Indy market, Phuket Weekend market and Phuket Walking Street are some of the most popular night markets. Night markets are ideal spots to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine and shop for souvenirs to gift your friends back home.


Old Phuket Town

To catch a glimpse of the historical aspects of Phuket, visit the Old Phuket Town. Chinese and Thai Buddhist culture seem to harmoniously blend into each other in the area with many Chinese shrines and Buddhist temples. The ancient 'shop houses' which still retain their old world appeal, mini printing shops cafes of the quaint kind and a scattering of museums that seem to have come into being on their own offers any curious travellers a picture perfect tour. The lost glory of the Tin boom which built the town still lingers around the Sino-colonial mansions where the Tin barons lived in luxury. Traverse the Phuket Town early in the morning or in the evening to avoid harsh rays of the sun and don't forget to stop by at a café or a restaurant to replenish yourself.


Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is Phuket's longest stretch of sand. The beach will take you away from the maddening crowds and it is flanked by the secretive jungle of the Sirinat National Park. You can stay at a 5. Mai Khao resort such as the Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas and go for long walks on the isolated beach. Don't forget to visit the National Park to witness the activities of the sea turtles and the many bird species that call this park home.