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Updated by Scott Humphrey on Apr 24, 2018
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Health and Fitness, Personal Training

Red Dot Fitness works on a mission to provide clients and community a unique and unparalleled fitness experience while helping them to achieve their ultimate potential.

1:1 personal fitness training in San Jose cannot get better than Red Dot Fitness

When most people commit to new and healthy habits such as exercise, they think they’ll join a gym and use some equipment and free weights or maybe even join a group exercise class. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a workout routine that involves either of those, there are some pretty fantastic benefits to one on one personal training that you should explore. In fact, personal training in San Jose can’t get any better than at Red Dot Fitness. Here’s why!

Learn the importance of Nutrition and Exercise from a personal trainer at Red Dot Fitness

There are so many reasons why meeting with a San Jose
personal trainer at Red Dot Fitness is essential to achieving your health and
fitness goals. The most important things you can learn from a personal trainer
is how nutrition and exercise contribute to your overall health and well-being.
Here are just a few of the important lessons a personal trainer can teach you.

How to Meet Your Fitness Goals with One-on-One Personal Training

Making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle can feel isolating. It’s important to realize that getting fit and healthy isn’t something you have to do alone. One-on-one personal training at Red Dot…

How Corporate Fitness Programs Benefit Employees and Businesses

As the owner of a business or the HR manager of one, you understand the importance of employee health and wellness. If your workers aren’t healthy, then they won’t be productive. If your workers aren’t productive, then your business won’t be nearly as successful as it could be. In our little corner of the world, workers who are part of the tech boom in San Francisco, San Jose, and Silicon Valley work well over 40 hours a week, which contributes to high rates of poor health and fitness. Let Red Dot Fitness help you create a corporate fitness program and reap these amazing benefits for your employees and your business right along with it.

Nutrition & Exercise – Why Personal Trainers at Red Dot Fitness Cherish Seeing People Fail

In a way, it’s sad really: So many intelligent, educated, hard-working, and conscientious individualscontact us and walk through our doors trying to find a personal fitness coach and failing before…

Getting Back in Shape – Are You Winning?

Every fitness journey starts with a desire. For the average
human, commonly the desire is to return to a level of fitness they once knew
and felt. And sometimes, the desire is simply to obtain the feeling of being
fit for the very first time.Where do you start?

  • Red Dot Fitness mainly focuses on improving performance and the quality of life. Through our hands-on approach to personal training, we focus on functionality and the mastery of all components of fitness, for types of clients. We aim to inspire the community to confront, then prioritize their health and fitness while seeking to become the resource for their ultimate achievement.

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