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Headline for Essential Spices in Thai Cuisine – What Makes Thai Cuisine one of the Best in the World
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Essential Spices in Thai Cuisine – What Makes Thai Cuisine one of the Best in the World

Popular for its amazing blend of sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes, Thai cuisine is something you ought to savour at least once in your life. Here are some basic ingredients in Thai cuisine.


Delicious Fish Sauce

Popularly known as the Nam Pla in Thai culture, Thai fish sauce is a famous seasoning that is made from fermented fish in salt. The fish sauce contains only anchovies, water and salt and it is a great source of sodium as well. Make sure to use the fish sauce in your dishes sparingly as one tablespoon of it contains around 1000 mg of sodium. You can try adding fish sauce to bird or even Serrano chillies.


Exotic curry paste

Although this is something you can make on your own, it is worth buying the curry paste from Thailand for its exotic taste. You can easily buy the red and the green types of curry paste from the nearest supermarket as well. The curry paste guarantees the much-loved blend of exotic species that are in Thai cuisine. You do not have to visit Thailand to savour this well-received cuisine. Popular vacation destinations like the Maldives also feature many a Maldives Thai restaurant and if you are based in a luxury setting such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, skipping on savouring amazing Thai cuisine has no good excuse.


Vinegar for flavour

Although lime seems to be a popular option in many other cuisines in the world, vinegar seems to be preferred in Thai cuisine. It is a great way to add sourness to the dressings and even in many dipping sauce varieties as well. One of the popular dishes that include vinegar is nam jim that comes with grilled chicken.


Coconut milk

This should not come as a surprise since many a dish in the tropics prefers coconut milk in their food. Thai cuisine often uses coconut milk in their dishes and that is for good reason. Coconut milk has the ability to add a creamy and a milky taste to the dish and thicken the curry. You can find canned coconut milk in the nearby supermarket with ease. If you are worried about the calories you can even choose to dilute the coconut milk with some water.



Rice is the staple food in many South Asian countries. Thailand prefers the sticky rice otherwise known as glutinous rice. Preferred mostly by those who live in North and Northeast Thailand, sticky rice is eaten with hands like one would eat a sandwich. Jasmine rice is cultivated throughout Thailand and many use brown jasmine rice as well.


Green and Red Chillies

The spiciness in the Thai cuisine is thanks to the green and red chillies that are often added to their dishes. You can see that cayenne chilli that is fresh is added to curries while spicy Thai bird chillies are used in their different sauces and even in stir fries. You can substitute the bird or cayenne chillies with jalapeno or Serrano chillies. You can also see that red chilli that is dried is used to prepare the curry paste and add some spiciness to the soups.