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05 Exciting Things to do in Trang, Thailand – Explore Trang

Thailand's gateway to exquisite beaches, Trang provides a soulful escape for travellers. Here is a list of the top 5 adventures that you can enjoy in Trang.


Visit Had Pak Meng mainland beach

Palm fringed, crescent-shaped Had Pak Meng is a popular mainland beach in Trang. Leave your Trang hotel early in the morning and take a bus from the town itself to reach this shady beach in time to enjoy a day of tranquillity amidst ethereal beauty. You can lie down on the soft and silky sand for a prolonged session of sunbathing and stare at the spectacle of islands and limestone islets that stretches in front of you. When hunger pangs startup, you can visit one of the many restaurants along the main beach road and tuck into a delicious dish of fresh seafood.


Island hopping and snorkelling

A number of operators provide tours to Trang islands with frequent stops at snorkelling spots. You can inquire around and compare itineraries and prices before making a decision. Once you embark on your island hopping and snorkelling tour, expect to be mesmerized by the sights. Soak up the warm waters and enjoy your rendezvous with effervescent sea creatures. Your journey is most likely to take you to visit the Koh Mook Island where the emerald cave awaits to take you through a sombre sea cave towards a lagoon. Sea grass encircles the island of Koh Libong and you can catch glimpses of 'dugong', a sea cow variation when you visit the area.


Explore Hat Chao Mai National Park

Hat Chao Mai National Park is a protected marine national park that offers many interesting sights and sounds to an eager explorer. If you are staying at a nearby hotel such as Anantara Si Kao Resort you can reach the park within 12 minutes or so. Exploration area includes a number of beaches, caves and areas scattered with vegetation. Take your time to witness the numerous bird species, wild boar, lizards, butterflies and other insects that inhabit the park. If you wish to visit the caves, take a flashlight with you. The best mode of transport within the park is probably a cycle. If you cycle along the park, you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding better. When riding past local villages, take some time to enjoy the sights of fishing boats and fisher folk either in the waters or leaning over bridges with rods.


Visit the Khao Chong Wildlife and Conservation Centre

The first ever wildlife conservation centre in Thailand, Khao Chong offers a number of pleasant trails to discover as well as three waterfalls. While you will have to visit the larger park area to see the waterfalls, Ka Chong, Ton Noi and Ton Yai, a slow promenade along the trails will allow you plenty of space and time to see numerous species of trees and wild beasts and birds.


Visit places of worship

Trang provides visitors with opportunities to enjoy its multi-religious and cultural vibe. Visit the Wat Tantayaphirom Buddhist temple with its white and gold pagoda to explore the region's Buddhist heritage. The Wat Phu Khao Thong Buddhist temple houses a unique reclining Buddha statue. Visit the Chinese temple Wat Saingam and the shrine Meunram to discover the beauty of Chinese religious symbols such as mythical dragons in all their glory. The Masjid Madinatul is a sacred place for the area's Muslim population.