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Updated by Spottie App on May 22, 2018
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Spottie is a fun-to-use, interactive, social game available to download for Android and iOS. So, get Spottie, get discovered, and let’s get connected!

Play Spottie at Events and Make New Friends

We all know networking is important to excel in life, but it can be incredibly hard. We are all busy in our monotonous life, having too many responsibilities; working late hours; not enjoying our time with family and friends the way we should. Who has time to make new friends at social events, hangouts and parties?

Spottie! Your New Social Application!

Ever thought of exploring a new place and meeting new people on the go? Then, Spottie is the social app for you! You can earn rewards simply by playing the fun & creative game in order to get yourself connected with new and interesting people.

Play Spottie While Hanging Out With Friends

But what if you had a way to create a casual, spontaneous meet up and let those who are available join you? With Spottie you can contact friends nearby and, in the process, find new friends. Or you can let others spot you for a new connection.

What Is Social Discovery with Spottie App

Social discovery can simply be defined as the experience a user gains employing technology through mobile apps to explore areas of interest in real-time. It could be for giving or reading reviews, shopping, traveling, or to meet people nearby that have related interests.

Discover the New Way to Socialize Using Spottie

If you’re a shy person by nature, not an extrovert and definitely not at ease in large groups, then this Spottie guide is for you. Life is all about being confident, and confidence is the key to social interactions. Spottie will help you with the process of meeting new people and getting you connected.

Spot Someone Using the Spottie

Each of your friends will have their own profile, and each can chat with more Spottie users as they play the interactive game. Ultimately Spottie’s hints will lead them to connect with the player they are looking for and scan their QR code.

Play Spottie While You Work-Out

While exercising, jogging and working out will always take effort, adding a little creativity will make it more enjoyable. Spottie is a fun social experience that enhances your exercise routine.

How to Improve Social Networking with Spottie

Spottie, the new socializing app, helps you break the ice to meet people near you. You can easily find a friend because you know that the other person has the Spottie app and is looking to find friends too.

Spottie a Fun New Location-Based Game

Location-based gaming is a market that is poised to grow exponentially. It's a convergence of mobile technology and interest in gaming that has lead to a new era of mobile games. The gaming world is becoming a cultural revolution that happens to be an extremely lucrative industry.

Enhance Your Social Experience with Spottie

Spottie is a simple and fun game that helps you meet new friends while getting over the sitting-around blues. When you play the game, you’ll enhance your social networking experience.

Spotting Someone with Spottie App

Now you have a new and fun way to make connections. With Spottie all you have to do is join our ever-growing list of awesome people to make new and interesting friends.

Starting College & Meeting New Friends

Spottie is the perfect mobile application for starting college. By allowing users to find each other in a fun and interactive way, meeting new people on campus is a piece of cake!

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    Have you ever been with a group of friends or family and noticed that hardly anyone was interacting because they were staring at their phones? Or have you been in a public setting and see someone intriguing, but you didn’t know how to approach them or what you would say?

    Just like you, all of us here at Spottie have been in these situations, and this is what led us to the development of Spottie. Our goal is to help bring people together and get us off the couch leading the way back to face-to-face interaction.

    Spottie is a fun-to-use, interactive, social game available to download for Android and iOS. So, get Spottie, get discovered, and let’s get connected!

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