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Updated by an_03 on May 08, 2018
Headline for Top 10 kpop songs you should never miss out!!!! Like never ever!
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Top 10 kpop songs you should never miss out!!!! Like never ever!

In this lists are the songs that I personally love and would love to share it with many other fans. This list have all the songs that will make you hype and happy, let's go!!!!


At 10th place I have "black dress" by CLC which is shorten for crystal clear. This song have a mysterious but yet catchy tune, you will either love this song or hate it since it is a mix of different genres.

9. Momoland - BBoom BBoom

At 9th place, this song was once my all time favorite since this had been released for some time now. This is "bboom bboom" by Momoland, it was this song that helped them to get more attention from the public and so they promoted this for quite a long period of time.
This song has an extremely catchy drop that will make you dance even though you don't know the choreography, but if you do know the choreography even if it is only the drop then there is no stopping it once it plays. You may not like it at first listen but I guarantee you that this song will stay in your head, just a warning.

8. Monstax - Beautiful

At 8th place we have (*drumroll playing) "Beautiful" by Monstax, even though they are at 8th place they are always 1st for me, ok that was cheesy, move on. So, this song is a mix of pop and dance genre with a catchy drop that will make you love the song, I believe that this is the second song that I heard from this group and I loved it and still does, pretty much the reason why it is on this list.....

7. Sistar - I like that

At the 7th place on this amazing list is "I like that" by Sistar, the queens with summer bops (personal preferences), but unfortunately they disbanded back in 2017 with "Lonely" as their last song.
For this song, it has a very catchy tune throughout the song and has a very steady drop, and by that, I mean that it doesn't drop like a bomb but more like a water bomb if that makes sense....

6. Red Velvet - Red Flavor

Steadily at 6th place, we have "Red flavour" by Red velvet. This is a very lively and fun summer song, this is by far my ultimate favorite song from the group even though I love all of their songs. This song is a summary of a fun day under the sun in the summer, either by the beach or anywhere really. Even from the song album cover, you can see that it is filled with fun colours that represent summer.

5. K.A.R.D (featuring YoungJi) - Oh NaNa

Going into my top 5, at 5th place is "Oh Nana" by K.A.R.D. This is the first song that they released and they got much attention for the American vibes from the song and that it is a coed group, which is considered rare in South Korea. But this wasn't the song that they debuted with but their plan was to release 3 songs before their official comeback. This song has an extremely catchy tune and flow that will make you want to listen to it forever, the best part have to be that there are both females and males voices that make this a good mix.

4. Twice - What is Love?

At 4th place is "What is love?" by Twice. They are a girl group that is highly popular in South Korea with many famous hits like "TT" or "Cheer up". They are known for their catchy tune and drop that will make you dance, because the dance isn't hard either! They are mostly repetitive and easy dance moves.
This song contains a fun rthym and a cute meaing behind the lyrisc. Not just the music but their music video for this song is very interesting because they includes different scenes from many famous movies like "The princess diaries", "Ghost", "La Boum", "Pulp fiction", "Romeo and Julliet", "Love letter", "La La Land" and "Leon: The professional".

3. JBJ - My Flower

Standing at 3rd place is "My Flower" by JBJ. JBJ is a group consisting of six members who previously participated in Mnet's 2017 survival show Produce 101 Season 2 and is bound to disband with their most recent song/comeback, "Call my name". This song is an upbeat song with an EDM drop and a very addictive flow.

2. Monsta X - From Zero

Lingering at second place is "From Zero" by Monstax, I have added one of the song from this group before in this list and this boy group is my favourite kpop group because of their unique pop style songs and also how I didn't expected that they would have slow songs too and I really like that. This song is a song about starting something over from the beginning (from zero) because there are regrets while doing that certain something, for example in this case it is a relationship. The song have a catchy pop flow but at the same time it have a slow tempo too, this song was written and organize by a member of the group, Wonho. When this song was released it got many positive reaction from the public and it is my ultimate favourite song from the group from November 2017 when it was released.

1. (G)I-DLE - Latata

At the first place is my recent favorite song, "Latata" by (G)I-DLE, this girl group is a newly debuted group that debuted on May 2, 2018. This is their debut song with a catchy rhythm and drop and they tilt more toward the girl crush concept which is a pretty unusual concept for Korean girl group since Korean people often like a girl group with more of a cute concept but I prefer music that is more like this than cute, but I don't have any problems with cute songs either. At first listen this could sound fairly weird and not catchy at all, but if you listen to it more than 3 times it will be stuck in your head.