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Headline for Gazelles & Deer you Can Find in Sir Bani Yas – Discovering the Diverse Wildlife on the Magical Island
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Gazelles & Deer you Can Find in Sir Bani Yas – Discovering the Diverse Wildlife on the Magical Island

Home to the much acclaimed Arabian wildlife Park, Sir Bani Yas has a large number of roaming animals that are a delight to witness. If you are dropping by, here is a list what you can expect to see.


The Arabian Sand Or Goitered Gazelle

One of the most familiar faces in Sir Bani Yas, the Arabian Sand or Goitered Gazelle can be found in all parts of the island. Known to inhabit sandy plains and limestone plains, the Arabian Sand or Goitered Gazelle is well adapted to the harsh and arid climates found in the desert. These gazelles are so well adapted that they get their water from specific types of plants and trees. They differ from other types of deer in the way they run. While other deer bound and leap, the Arabian Sand or Goitered Gazelle is known to run at high speeds, often reaching around sixty kilometres per hour! If you are considering visiting the Arabian Wildlife Park, a tour can be arranged by your Abu Dhabi hotel. Deals can be often found where you can get a reduced price on the tickets and tour.


Arabian Mountain Gazelle

Similar to the Arabian Sand or Goitered Gazelle, the Arabian Mountain Gazelle has adapted itself to the desert climate and is known to go for days without water, surviving only on plants and drops of dew. Native to Arabia, these beautiful creatures congregate in herds of around three to eight gazelles. The Arabian Mountain Gazelle has been recorded reaching speeds of up to sixty-five kilometres per hour.


Blackbuck Or Indian Antelope

The Blackbuck or Indian Antelope is one of the most majestic animals on this list. A native of India and its subcontinent, the Indian Antelope has a unique set of horns that makes it easy to identify the animal. Oh and if you thought the gazelles above on the list were fast, this Blackbuck Or Indian Antelope can speed up to ninety kilometres per hour making it one of the fastest land mammals around.


Fallow Deer

Native to the Mediterranean region, the Fallow Deer is one of the most iconic deer in all deer species. The Fallow Deer has been introduced to many parts of the world over the decades, making it quite common nowadays. As with all deer species, the Fallow Deer too has antlers rather than horns. Although it's pretty common, viewing this deer in the wild is definitely a wonderful experience. With most hotels around like Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villas offering tours to the park, there is no reason for you to stay back from experiencing one too.


Red Deer

The fourth largest deer species, the Red Deer is also the only species of deer to exist naturally in the African continent. With mangy fur and massive antlers, the Red Deer strikes quite an imposing figure. Certain stags even grow a mane around their neck during the months of winter. The deer species can also be found in Europe as well as the continent of Asia.