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JRC component

Tailor your bike to your exact desired specification with custom parts available from online bike components store. At JRC Components, you will find a wide range of bike parts that will fit your bike and your budget perfectly and serve peak levels of performance.


Bike Components Online Shopping Store – JRC Components

To let your bike reach peak levels of performance and ability, the bike components and superlight bike parts from JRC Components are an undeniable buy. Suitable for every biker, the parts availed from online bike components store are machined from highest grade of metals and carbon fiber.


Lightweight Tubeless Valves - JRC Components

For an uncompromised biking experience, JRC Components offers lightweight bike parts and custom components to let every rider stay in charge with unmatched performance levels. The online bike components store with its vast and cost-effective parts collection is the perfect partner for every adventure.
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Custom Bike Parts and Tips for Best Backpacking Thrills

It is growing into a very popular outdoor adventure sport and with the custom bike parts available you can easily alter the looks and function of your bike to make it a perfect choice for long riding trips.


Why Custom Bike Parts are Preffered Over Standard Ones?

Custom performance parts like tubeless valves are the best means to build a build exactly in a way you want. JRC Components offer the best bike components online and let you realize the dreams of having a bike.


Bike Maintenance Tips Every Cyclist Should Know

As less weight means less momentum, having your bike fit with lightweight bike parts will make it stop faster and within the optimum limits. JRC Components has been the most preferred name and an optimum destination to buy custom bike parts.


Custom Bike Parts and Tips for Best Bike packing Thrills

Bikepacking is a multi day bicycle touring and an ultimate outdoor adventure. It is growing into a very popular outdoor adventure sport and with the custom bike parts available, you can easily alter the looks and function of your bike to make it a perfect choice for long riding trips.


Buy Carbon Derailleur Clamp - Jrc-components

To significantly improve your biking experience and to make your machine last longer, buy carbon derailleur clamp from JRC Components, the best online bike components store. Indulge in an uncompromised adventure with the highest quality custom bike components.


Carbon Handlebar Plugs – JRC Components

With the highest quality in mind and for an unhindered serving of performance, buy carbon handlebar plugs from online bike component store. JRC Components is a one-stop destination that offers the best bike parts available at competitive prices.


Titanium Seat post Clamp - JRC Components

Customize your bike with a titanium seat post clamp from the online bike components store. Precision machining of titanium yields a lighter and more durable bike part for an unhindered serving of adventure.


Lightweight Derailleur Clamp – JRC Components

For an enhanced feel and bike performance, pick a lightweight derailleur clamp from JRC components, the online bike components store. With precision engineering and best price, the custom part will let you tailor your bike exactly as per personal desires and serve the best balance of aesthetics and peak performance.


Buy Ceramic Jockey Wheels – JRC Components

Being an essential drive train component, the best ceramic jockey wheels can be shopped from JRC components. With a myriad of finish options, each component available will best complement the looks of your custom creation and offer unmatched function.


Custom Carbon Handlebar Plugs - JRC Components

Personalize your bike with custom carbon handlebar plugs that are made from the lightest materials and fit every bike. These custom bike parts from JRC Components, the online bike components shop enhance the aesthetics for a truly unique look and feel.


Best Cycling Eco-Friendly Bottle at JRC Components

Offering the best cycling bottle, JRC Components lets every biker have a delightful adventure. With a sturdy construction and ergonomic design, the eco-friendly bottle is your best partner for every ride.


How to Choose the Best Bike Components for a Custom Build

A lightweight seatpost offers ultimate benefits of weight reduction and unmatched rigidity from the exquisite material choice. Integrated with a lightweight seatpost clamp, the carbon seatpost makes a bike best suited for the particular rider and offers great comfort and access to the controls.


JRC Components Offers Emergency Dropout

With precision engineering and innovative design, JRC Components offers the best emergency dropout to secure your bike’s drive train derailleur. The online bike components store offers unmatched quality of custom parts for an uncompromised biking experience.


Ceramic Pulley Wheels - JRC Components

JRC Components - Enhance the fit and feel from your bike with the ceramic pulley wheels from JRC Components. With rigid construction and highly capable design, this lightweight bike component will be the best piece to customize your bike and gain on performance while serving pretty aesthetics.


How Does Weight Affect Bike Performance

Lightweight components play a vital role in reducing the overall weight, like a carbon seatpost clamp will be significantly lighter than a standard metal one. The composite material not only saves weight but is 10 times stronger than steel or aluminum.