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Why Visit a Botanical Garden – Be Soothed and Serenaded by Greenery

Refresh your thoughts, put a spring in your step, seek inner peace and mindfulness and find joy through a heavenly connection with Mother Nature; botanical gardens offer all this and more.


In Search of Serenity

Due to the tight schedules, stressful lives and materialistic persuasions that drive today's society, it is important for everyone to spare a moment to spend in solitude or close to nature. Most people would consider visiting a botanical garden when they are on vacation; a great time to rejuvenate, revive and mend. The evergreens of a botanical garden would help anyone to relax; the ubiquitous peacefulness, the beauty of the trees and blooms and the refreshingly pure air in the immediate surroundings would automatically soothe troubled nerves and help even the most stressed out soul to unwind. If nothing else, this reason alone would suffice to call over at a botanical garden once in a way, sit down in the shade, read a book and saunter around aimlessly.


To Discover the Wildest of Trees

Needless to say, a day spent at a botanical garden is an unparalleled educational experience where the knowledge that one has about the outdoor world simply skyrockets. It is a firsthand experience where you get to see, feel and observe the features of each type of plant or tree. When all the senses of a human body are able to experience an object, the levels of retention and comprehension are supposed to be higher. Children in particular find it useful for their studies as they are able to retain more once they actually see what they had seen only on the Internet. Medicinal plants and herbs which are not seen commonly elsewhere can be found in the nurseries with clear labels and at times even their uses.


A Journey of Self Discovery

A good, relaxing and invigorating stay at one of the honeymoon hotels in Kandy hotel such as Earl's Regent would mean that you are properly pampered. Similarly, a soul reviving visit to a botanical garden can help you reconnect with Mother Nature in such a way that synergies are created. It is stated that humans have an indisputable intuitive link with the natural world. This strong bond which can be revived and renewed at any time during a person's life is known as biophilia. Prolonged connection to the natural world or essentially the world from which man was born helps people to feel content and at peace as opposed to other setups which are more or less alien to them from a genetic point of view.


For Your Personal Hall of Fame

What is life without a selfie and a group selfie in this day and age? Capture some scintillating sights in one day when you visit gardens. Among roses and lilies, between birches and oaks, over cacti and crotons and kneeling beside shrubs of jade green; you can collect various shots and angles for your hall of fame back at home. Not only would they be glorious pictures, but the same pictures would speak volumes when you boast of your trip.