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Headline for Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Tioman - Where the Grandeur of Nature Gloriously Displayed
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Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Tioman - Where the Grandeur of Nature Gloriously Displayed

Tioman Island is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit when travelling in Malaysia. Located off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia the Tioman Island provides surreal opportunities to be at one with nature. The islands are resplendent with stunning beaches, vibrant marine life and majestic waterfalls. If you are planning on visiting this exotic paradise, you must not miss out on the following key destinations.


Juara Beach

Discover a pristine beach, where powdery white sand glistens in the sunshine. Crystal clear blue waters of the oceans gently lap on these shores from one side while the emerald sheen of a lush green forest creates blissful seclusion on the other. The Juara Beach is a place that possesses all the mesmerizing charms of an idyllic exotic heaven.
Those who yearn to snorkel amidst schools of colourful fish and pastel-hued coral reefs can find absolute contentment at the Juara Beach too. The water here is wonderfully clear and the marine life abundant, so hours of relaxing indulgence are guaranteed when snorkelling here.
You can reach Juara Beach by taking a sea taxi or trekking your way through the beautiful jungle. A recently built road also gives easy access to the beach now.


Tekek Tioman

The capital of Tioman Island, Tekek Tioman is also a fascinating spot that you must certainly visit. In comparison to the other little villages in Tioman Island, the capital is slightly more urbanized. It's located on the western coast and can be reached in five minutes if you are staying at a Tioman Island resort such as the popular Berjaya Tioman Resort.
There are plenty of things to do here that a visit will rarely be dull. The delights of snorkelling and diving are offered in Tekek Tioman too and the coral reefs of the beach that lines the village are breathtakingly beautiful. Even if you are not particularly interested in gazing at the glory of marine life, you can still enjoy the warmth of the waters of the oceans by swimming when the tide is low.
There are plenty of shops that sell uniquely charming mementoes that you can take back home to gift your loved ones. You will be happy to discover that the prices of these beautiful wares are delightfully cheap.
Make sure you season your stay at Tekek Tioman with the sublime tastes of Asia too! You will find many restaurants, bars and cafes here which will serve a range of local and international dishes to tingle your taste buds.
You can access the gorgeous Tekek Tioman by a ferry ride or a direct plane ride.


Marine Park Centre

The Marine Park Centre of Tioman is one of the most popular attractions in the regions. It includes nine exotic islands and provides truly delightful opportunities to snorkel amidst coral reefs and trek through jungles.
There are many facilities on site that help even beginners and children to discover and fall in love with marine life through diving. At the Marine Park Centre, you will find friendly and experienced diving instructors who will guide you as you learn to navigate the waters of the deep sea. You can even learn to swim here in its many shallow pools! Even if you don't wish to enter the waters, you can still lie upon the stunning beach and soak up the sun and relax in the glorious tropical warmth of this exotic paradise.


Asah Waterfall

Visit mesmerising Asah Waterfall which is also known as Mukut Waterfall to witness the sheer majesty of nature. The trek to the top of the waterfall will be a delightful way to add variety to your exotic beach vacation. Verdant greenery will surround you and you may even be able to spot monkeys during your thrilling ascent. You will have to wear comfortable shoes for the hike and carry ample water and food too. If your visit falls during the peak season for tourism you will be able to treat yourself to welcoming rest and refreshment at the restaurants and resorts that are located along the way to the top of the waterfall.