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Coolest Foam Mattress | The Best Mattress

The Layla Mattresses are the most comfortable, flexible, relaxable and easy to carry. We provide quality mattresses for relaxable and peaceful sleep like memory foam mattress. It is flippable offering two firmness options. We also have infused copper, which helps the mattress to keep cool.

Memory Foam Mattresses‎ | Flippable Mattress

Layla sleep offers the best mattresses for back pain and best pillow for neck pain in the US. Our mattresses and pillows are copper infused that give a cooler and pain-free sleep. Call us at 844-775-2952 for more info.

Getting To The Depth Of The Science Of Sleep | Layla Sleep

Know more about the science of sleep as given in the issue of National Geographic Magazine by Michael Finkel. He has covered in detail about the importance of sufficient sleep. Contact us at 855-358-1676.

Air cool memory foam mattress | Sleep trends mattress

At Layla, we make the best mattress in a variety of sizes like Queen, King, CAL King, Full, Twin and Twin XL. Here we suggest copper mattress to everyone to deal with any sleep problems. Copper gives firmness and support. Call us at** 844-775-2952 **for more details.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain | Layla Sleep

Are you looking for the best mattress for back pain? With our Layla Mattress, you will feel energetic and comfortable every morning. Check out our website for more information. Call us at 855-358-1676.

Cooler Sleep and Better Support | Best Mattress Brands 2018

Layla mattresses and pillows are copper infused. Copper gel particles provide variable gel support. These particles compress and interact when you lie down own your Layla mattress. This gives a soft feel throughout the body. To order your copper infused mattress and pillows or any other products, you can contact us at 844-775-2952.

Memory Foams Mattress | 2 Sided Mattresses

Layla Sleep provides flexible foam mattresses and pillows at the best price. We offer all types of mattress sizes too. Check out our website to read our blog for 5 steps to send yourself into a deep slumber. Call us at 844-775-2952.

Most comfortable pillow ever | Layla Sleep

What to do when you receive your Layla Pillow? Massage the pillow to distribute the fill evenly and create the perfect pillow height for optimal support.

Layla offers a premium copper-gel infused best memory foam mattress that gives a soft and luxurious feel throughout. Copper provides deep support in deep compression areas. Read this blog to know the benefits of choosing Layla Mattress.

Flippable firmness mattress | Cooling mattress

We suggest copper mattress to everyone to deal with any sleep problems. Read this blog to know the advantages of using copper as your mattress and pillow material. Call us at 844–775–2952.

Comparison of Layla Mattress with other mattress brands

The Layla Mattress is best among all the leading mattress brands like Purple, Casper, Leesa, and Nectar. Copper-infused mattress makes Layla popular among its users. Visit our website to know what makes us different from these brands.


Layla Sleep has got a makeover with even better quality products and well-designed website. Read our given blog to know what products do we provide. All our products include a 12-night trial period.

Best Flippable Mattress | Cold pillow | Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep provides the mattress that has double firmness. One side is plush and cradling and the other side is firm and supportive. For more details, please call us at 844-775-2952.

Mattress for lower back pain | Keep cool mattress | Most comfortable mattress

Layla Sleep prefers copper as a #mattress material because:
1. It gives a cooling Effect
2. Provides firmness and support
3.Has #antimicrobial properties.
You can check out our website for further details.

Find the Best Memory Foam Mattress for better sleep | Keep cool mattress

We provide the best copper-infused mattress with a pillow for your better sleep. Our mattress gives the best position to sleep like side sleeping, Back Sleeping, Stomach Sleeping. Call us at 855-358-1676 for any details!