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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Useful Tips when Travelling in Bangkok - The City of Excitement!

Bangkok is a city that most tourists travel often to for its offering in all areas of culture, art, and even excitement, let's look at some useful tips when travelling here.


Carry a Hotel card with Thai directions

This is a simple yet helpful tool that is an absolute must in Thailand. A hotel card that includes the hotel's address printed on its back in Thai is an ingenious idea and one that is offered at most places. Carrying this around with you will make sure you get back safely without any inconveniences. All you have to do if you seem a little lost is show the card to your chosen driver, making his effort of understanding where you need to go that much easier. If you're on the lookout for great Bangkok city hotels, you'll find so many to choose from, such as AVANI Atrium Bangkok for example.


Carry a photocopy of passport

An absolute travel must in any part of the world but even more so in Thailand. Whether you are stopped and questioned by a local policeman or are requested for ID by the security of an exciting nightspot, having a photocopy of your passport is going to come in handy. Regardless of your appearance, whether you seem young or old, proving your identity is a day to day formality in Thailand. And since taking your passport along with you everywhere may not seem practical as you may lose it, carrying around a photocopy can definitely help you out.


Taxi Tips

Taking a taxi in Bangkok can have its highs and lows but you must always make sure you adhere to certain unspoken rules. First and foremost, avoid the rush hour, this is an insanely busy city and you do not want to be in the crosshairs of a massive delay in where you need to be. Secondly, make sure you insist that your driver turn his meter on, and if he refuses, simply hail another taxi. The most important of all, keep an eye on your valuables, as accidentally leaving something behind in a taxi that you might never be able to find again is not the most pleasant of experiences.


Use BTS & MRT habitually

Travelling within Bangkok can get hectic if not pricey. You'll also find a myriad of tuk-tuks, motorbikes and alluring canal boats all around that may seem like a good bet, but if it's efficient travel that you're looking for, the Skytrain and underground train is what's recommended. The Skytrain soars up above the traffic while the underground train whizzes right below it. Both these options offer air conditioning and make for hassle-free travel. You can easily get yourself a day or week pass depending on the duration of your stay.


Plan ahead

Proper planning is a definite must if you plan to explore Bangkok. Unlike cities like Paris or even Rome, this isn't all walkable and can be daunting with its crowds. Make sure you have a list of places you want to see with their locations noted down as well before you figure out a route. You might need to utilize taxis and the train system to go about, but make sure you've got it all planned ahead.