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06 Things to Know Before Visiting Maldives – Perfect That Dream Vacation

The quintessential beach holiday destination, the Maldives is on the bucket list of just about all sun worshipers. Listed below are a few facts worth knowing for that perfect experience.


The Archipelago Has Over a 1,000 Islands

The Maldives is made up of 1,190 little islands, which are clustered into 26 coral atolls. These little islands, with their glowing white sand beaches as soft as talcum powder, as so small, that many are just dots on a Google map. All you need to relax are available on these islands, as many are home to private resorts. The archipelago is spread below Sri Lanka and India, thus making the region a favourite for tropical beach holidays, with many choices on offer from travel specialists such as Maldives Resorts Club.


Most Islands are Uninhabited

Of the 26 atolls, that make clusters of the 1,190 islands, only a handful is inhabited. In fact, just 200 islands are home to locals or resorts while the rest are pristine sanctuaries many visitors relish spending a serene day at. Most of the uninhabited islands are reserved as picnic grounds for resort guests, while others are used for just cultivation purposes or setting up industries. Look to choose Maldives holiday packages that include sojourns to a deserted island for swimming and enjoying an impromptu picnic.


Not Every Island is Natural

That's right folks, even an archipelago of over a 1,000 islands, will have a few artificial ones thrown in for good measure. While the archipelago is believed to have formed from volcanic eruptions, most of the islands are thought to be what remains of, and the very tips of these volcanic islands. Head over to the island of Hulhumale, adjacent to the international airport, and you will be amazed at how natural the place looks, provided it's a manmade island constructed in 2004, with concrete and sand.


The Islands are Diminishing

Already over a 100 islands in the Maldivian archipelago have disappeared to the naturally rising levels of sea water. Beach erosion is a huge problem for the islands, with many fighting to hold back land which the sea seems set on claiming, thus, now would be a pretty good time to plan that much anticipated holiday to the Maldives.


The Maldives is Home to a Luminesce Beach

Head over to the Baa Atoll, when the time is just right, and you will be amazed at the starry, glowing phenomenon in the water. The glittery glow is caused by bio-luminescent plankton which flocks to the shallow waters during a certain time of year. You can check with your Maldives holiday booking agent for details of when and where this marvellous phenomenon takes place.


The Population is Exclusively Muslim

The Maldives is a 100% Islamic country, and the population is exclusively Muslim. Hence there are many restrictions and customs, visitors must be aware of; for starters, alcohol is only sold on the private resorts, no dogs are allowed on the island, neither is pork. Dress codes are very conservative, and wearing revealing bathing suits at public beaches are not allowed. Visiting mosques too, require proper and conservative clothing.