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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 7 factors to be aware of before planning a trip to the Maldives – Mistakes not to make
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7 factors to be aware of before planning a trip to the Maldives – Mistakes not to make

Although the Maldives is known as every couple's dream vacation if not planned properly could end up being an absolute nightmare. Here are 7 factors to account for when planning your dream vacation.


Don't stay too long unless you've got a plan

Unless you've planned time-consuming activities such as deep sea fishing and diving, Maldives is the ideal location to take a short visit rather than an extended vacation. 4-5 days is more than enough if you're staying at one hotel and 7-12 if you're dividing your time between 2 hotels. If your entire vacation is only a few days staying at one hotel is recommended as transferring between hotels is costly and time-consuming.


Spend for luxury

If you're working with a limited budget then the Maldives wouldn't be the best place to visit. The Maldives is known for and its people who cater to making your romantic vacation a dream come true and not enjoying the services offered would be equal to visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower.


Getting out of the airport might be harder than getting into it!

Most people who arrive at Male, the capital of Maldives don't consider the cost of transferring to their hotel from the airport as they don't know that it isn't included in the hotel rates most of the time. The most common methods used by tourists to reach their hotel is either by seaplane or speedboat. The price of a return trip on a speedboat will cost $50 to $200 while the cost of a seaplane will cost $350 to $450 per person based on the distance to the hotel. Some hotels even insist that they're own Airport transfer service is used so confirming your means of airport transfer is better than having to endure additional expense.


There's not much to do

A majority of the hotels purchase their own islands hence are the only properties located on that island. One of the reasons a short stay is recommended is because you'll get bored really easily.


Choice of food is expensive and very limited

Since the hotel, you're staying at is most probably the only hotel on that island you'll have to rely on the hotel for all your meals. Booking Full board packages which include drinks and meals is recommended to avoid having to order and pay unnecessarily for expensive meals.


Plan your activities

Activities like whale and shark watching are available only in certain areas and the commute to your destination can be difficult and time-consuming. Even though the locals have adapted to the means of transportation available and know how long it takes to reach their destination as a tourist you might find it difficult to do the same, especially if you get sea sick easily. Creating a travel itinerary by planning your activities, how much they'll cost and arranging a mode of transport is better than trying to plan your vacation after you've got to your hotel.


The budget for the activities

Some of the Maldives villas don't have lagoons close by for snorkelling, unlike Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives. Researching the hotel and its facilities are advised to avoid disappointment. If you're planning to go island hopping it's advisable to budget for unexpected additional expenses just to be on the safe side.