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Reasons Why You Should Visit Seychelles At Least Once - Something For Everyone

is a breathtakingly beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The country's 42 islands have many things to offer and this country should definitely make it on to your bucket list.


The Sandy Beaches

Seychelles beaches are any beach bum's dream come true. Its white sandy beaches and dazzling blue waters attract people from all over the world but despite their popularity, you can still find secluded beaches to enjoy your little slice of paradise. There are also plenty of beachside accommodation options available such as the Berjaya Praslin Resort.


The Hiking Trails

Seychelles has several mountainous islands and its largest island, Mahe, is by far the most mountainous. However, if you are staying at one of the many Praslin hotels you will not be disappointed as it has many granite outcrops that create breathtaking views. Valle de Mai in Praslin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the two places in the world where coco de mer palms grow in their natural state. Valle de Mai is also an excellent bird watching destination and visitors are encouraged to look out for the rare black parrots that call the park their home.


Taste the Food

Seychello is food is absolutely fantastic. The simplest dish available would be grilled fish and due to the country's archipelagic nature, all the fish available in Seychelles are incredibly fresh. They only need a light marinade to bring out their mouthwatering flavour. Another dish that cannot be missed is octopus curry which is a favourite with both tourists and locals. The more adventurous foodies can even try fruit bat which is a Seychellois delicacy.


Visit the Carnival

The carnival in Seychelles is a relatively new event but it has been steadily gaining popularity. Initially held in April, as of 2017 the carnival has been shifted to October in order to coincide with the Creole festival at the end of October. There are many paid and free events during the carnival period so join in on the carnival fun and get carried away with the festivities.


Unparalleled Fishing

Seychelles' location in the Indian Ocean makes Seychelles a great fishing spot. As it stands, Seychelles allows recreational fishing without a licence so if you enjoy fishing, Seychelles is the place to go. Alphonse island has garnered a reputation as the ultimate fly fishing spot in Seychelles and it is completely understandable. The island has close to ten thousand acres of white sand flats which are ideal for sight fishing. Alphonse Island is home to large populations of bonefish, triggerfish, snapper, grouper, and trevally; so its time to head over for a once in a lifetime fishing experience.


The Dive Sights

It would be a shame to visit Seychelles without exploring the sights within its crystal clear waters. Marianne Rock is one of the most recommended dive sites in Seychelles and it is easily accessible from La Digue and Praslin. Divers also have the chance to do their share for the environment by taking part in a reef rescue project run by WiseOceans.