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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Things to Know when Travelling in Malaysia - Truly and Undeniably Grand!

Malaysia is an iconic and important hub in Asia for all its attractions, let's look at some important travel tips to note when you're travelling to this gorgeous land.


Learn the local language

While not all locals may speak the same language as most of its travellers, a majority of them speak English. The locals from rural areas might be able to manage the necessities to hold up a conversation, such as "How are you?" and "Thank You". You can ease out the situation by learning a few basic words in languages such as Malay, Tamil, and Chinese. Make sure you focus on your body language as well so that what you're trying to convey is easily understood, a smile goes a long way. Most of the locals will be appreciative of you for trying your best to talk to them, you might even end up making a few friends. If you're looking for a really good Sepang hotel to check into when you visit, there's so many to pick from, such as the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort for instance.


Know duty-free rules

Malaysia is quite strict about its duty-free concession, looking upon this is going to be immensely helpful so that you don't have to leave anything behind. A single person cannot bring in more than one litre of wine, spirits or malt liquor. You can, however, bring up to 200 cigarettes into the country. Cosmetics and perfume cannot cost more than USD 50 as well. When you enter, if you have anything that must be declared, you are required to head to the Red Lane, If not, you can simply move on towards the Green Lane.


No drugs allowed

Malaysia has a strict no drugs policy. Taking drugs into the country regardless of quantity is a serious offence where you can end up with massive fines and even jail time. Make sure you double, if not triple check your luggage and bags before travelling to be certain that no questionable substances can be found in your belongings.


Be adventurous in trying hawker stalls

While hawker streets may look and feel incredibly hot and stuffy from its thick crowds, don't hesitate to stop by at least once for a quick bite. The local delicacies are absolutely worth it. You'll find authentic food, prepared and cooked at these stalls before serving. Being stalls, the dishes are incredibly cheap, so that you may try out as many as you want. A single dish could cost you around 1 or 2 USD. You'll even find a myriad of sharing platters which will end up being even cheaper once you split the bill with your friends. Most hawker stalls maintain strict hygiene ensuring your safety and comfort while you enjoy your meal.


Prepare for hot and humid weather

While Malaysia offers the allure of gorgeous tropical weather, with temperatures ranging between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius, that might not always be the case. Malaysia can be extremely hot on certain days, and incredibly humid on both rainy and sunny days as well. You must always have a backup indoor activity mapped out for yourself if you want to avoid the unpredictable blistering heat or the pouring rain. You might enjoy shopping at any of its many malls around, browsing through their stores or even enjoy meals at some amazing local caf├ęs.