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5 Things to Do in Colombo – An Alluring and Distinctive City

The charming city of Colombo offers a host of interesting things to do. In this bustling city, you will find something that takes your fancy, irrespective of your tastes or preferences.


Visit the National Museum

Culture and history lovers should undoubtedly take the opportunity to visit Colombo's well-known National Museum. This museum may be described as the nation's foremost cultural hub, featuring a myriad of fascinating exhibits that will draw the interest of the curious visitor. Within the galleries of this engrossing museum, you will find artefacts such as an array of interesting artworks, statues and carvings that are representative of the nation's rich historical legacy. You will also encounter exhibits such as guns, swords and other artefacts dating from Sri Lanka's eventful colonial era. Other highlights include paintings depicting local subjects and a remarkable collection of eye-catching antique masks.


Admire Independence Memorial Hall

If you enjoy visiting historically significant sightseeing attractions, make it a point to visit the renowned Independence Memorial Hall. The nation of Sri Lanka obtained its independence from the colonial ruler, Britain in the year 1948, and this well-known monument stands as a memorial to this important event. A massive building constructed from stone, this splendid memorial hall is surrounded by a tranquil garden. You will also see a statue of the nation's first president at this site. Today this famous building is used for important celebrations and religious occasions. Many sightseers, as well as a regular stream of local students, visit this important historical monument.


Explore Gangaramaya Temple

This well-known Buddhist temple is visited by a steady stream of devotees as well as inquisitive sightseers. Buddhism is the religion of the majority of Sri Lanka's population and is a very significant element of the culture of the nation. By visiting Gangaramaya Temple you will have the opportunity to gain a fascinating glimpse into Buddhism and its influence on the local people. At this temple, you will find a host of interesting sights including a venerated Bodhi tree as well as innumerable Buddha statues of many different sizes. Visitors will also be impressed by the mind-boggling collection of gifts donated over the years to the temple by devotees.


Relax at Galle Face Green

The popular Galle Face Green is unquestionably one of Colombo's premier leisure venues and is visited by innumerable local leisure seekers as well as foreign tourists. This expansive green and promenade by the seaside are often occupied by relaxing families, amorous couples, children playing games and flying kites, and many other city residents. You will also find an array of food vendors selling delicious snacks and refreshing drinks for the masses who arrive at the green, particularly during weekends. Galle Face Green is also a splendid location to watch the magnificent local sunset. A choice of accommodation to consider from which this attraction would be within easy reach would be Cinnamon Red Colombo which is a conveniently located Colombo city hotel.


Explore the Streets of Pettah

Your sightseeing tour of the city would not be complete without exploring the bustling streets of Pettah. You will probably find that this will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience as there is much to be seen in the streets of this part of the city. In fact, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of this distinctive part of Colombo. Pettah may be described as one of the old quarters of the city and retains its unique appearance even today. You will find a mesmerizing selection of markets, shops and stalls in the area known as Pettah.