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5 Things to do in Hikkaduwa – The Surfers' Paradise

Everyone knows that Hikkaduwa is a party hub and vacationing there promises endless nights and dancing under the stars. Let's take a look at the other side of Hikkaduwa now.


Hikkaduwa Lake

When one speaks of a holiday in Hikkaduwa, the first thing that comes to mind is the golden sandy beaches and endless waves. Whether you are put up at one of the Hikkaduwa hotels the likes of Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon or at a hut by the beach, you must make a trip to the Hikkaduwa Lake for a change of scenery. The lake is home to many birds and monitors lizards; offering a vast change of vibes away from the beaches in Hikka. You have to go down the Baddegama Road and take a turn to the north to find yourself near the Hikkaduwa Lake.


Seenigama Vihara

The Seenigama Vihara is on top of a tiny island of its own. 2 kilometres away from Hikkaduwa, this is one of the 2 temples in Sri Lanka at which a theft victim can pray for retribution and just. If you have been robbed of something in your life and want to the thief to be punished, go to the Seenigama Vihara, buy the special pepper and chilli oil sold at the temple, light up a lamp at your home and pray while you chant a specific mantra. The thief will be punished with misfortunes and if it is someone you know, you'd be able to identify the thief with the sudden bad turns their life takes, or so the legend says. There are boats that will take you to this temple when the weather is perfect.


Tsunami Memorial

If you want to pay your respects to the people who died in the tsunami that created havoc on the island in the year 2004, take a look at this monument that was put up for the people who were washed away by the mammoth waves.


Tsunami Photo Museum

Dedicated to the tsunami of 2004 again, this photo museum is located about 4 kilometres away from Hikkaduwa and will take you through the whole natural disaster, picture by picture. The opening hours of this museum are still a mystery to many, and if you are lucky, you'd be there when it is open.


Moonstone Mines

People wear moonstones in their rings and on their fingers, but have you ever wanted to know how that tiny piece of stone ended up in your ring? Visit the moonstone mines in Mitiyagoda and take a look at the world of underground mining that still exists in this day and age. You can see 18th-century designs and styles in the process of the mining too. The mines are barely 7 kilometres deep and from inside, the miners take out tiny moonstones that will be polished and then sold for jewellery making. Entry to view the mines is free and you can find tiny shops along the way, which sell the moonstones collected at the mines.