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List of Muay Thai Punches – Discovering Thailand's Famed Martial Arts

Muay Thai had a limited set of punches in its early days. However, after its infusion with Western boxing, there was an increase in the number of punching techniques. Here, we go through them all.


The Jab

This is one of the most commonly used punches, both in boxing as well as Muay Thai. The punch is simple to use too but its main highlight is that it can be used in an offensive form as well as a defensive technique. Some other advantages of using the jab are that it can help the individual using it to gauge the distance between him and the opponent and that it can also be used to kick-start a combination of attacks. It is also a very quick form of attack and can take an opponent by surprise. Jabs do not have to be strong; when utilized in the right manner they can break up a combo and give you much-needed space and time from an aggressive fighter who keeps pressing you.


The Straight Punch (the cross)

Referred to as the Straight Right, this is commonly used by Muay Thai fighters to deliver a power punch. You are likely to use this as often as you would use the jab. Unlike the jab which was used at the start of the punch, the straight punch is usually used at the end of a combo to deliver a knockout punch. The straight punch is generally thrown from the hand at the back so it takes longer to connect but it also means that it travels the most distance, which explains why the straight punch is used as a knockout punch. You can easily find a good Muay Thai training camp in the Maldives. Just ask a hotel such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas or even someone at a beach restaurant in Maldives and they will be able to point the way.


The Hook

This punch is a great option if you want to hit the sides of your opponent. It is referred to as the hook since your hand resembles a hook when you are using it. The hook rotates into the sides of the individual's body or head giving a devastating punch that can knock out an opponent if done well. For those just starting out, the hook can be quite difficult to attempt as the technique is a bit difficult to perfect. If you do the hook with the wrong technique, it can hurt you, deliver a punch with no power behind it and in some cases even break your wrist!


The Uppercut

This is as sneaky as it gets. Most often unseen by the opponent till it is too late, it is quite similar to the hook but the uppercut is aimed upwards and towards the chin of the person. The uppercut is hardly ever done on its own. It is instead used in a combination or some other move which disguises it and make it difficult to figure out.