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Must Visit Places in Jaipur – The Enchanting Sites of Jaipur

The capital city of Rajasthan, a cornerstone of the Golden Triangle of India and nicknamed the Pink City, the area of Jaipur proudly claim ownership of many interesting sights and sounds.


Abhaneri Step Well

Jaipur is and has always been an arid land which receives minimum rainfall. In ancient times it was necessary to devise ingenious methods to retain and preserve whatever amount of water that was available. The local solution to the problem had been the construction of this well with 3,500 steps that span about 13 floors of an ordinary building. The unusual stepped design helped to conserve the water and keep the water at the bottom cool. The mind-blowing ancient construction remains in great shape to date.


Sisodia Rani Garden

Though the 'Garden City of India' is Bangalore, one who walks into the Sisodia Rani Garden will be as mesmerized as those who enter the great Brindavan Gardens. The symmetry, the precision, the intense greenery, the flora and the gurgling fountains make these gardens tranquil and pleasing to the eye. Located a few kilometres away from the city, the gardens surround a palace that had been used by a Maharajah who ruled in the early part of the 18th century. The art and architecture of the building are as eye-catching as the premises itself and dedicating half a day is a must for this visit.


Jal Mahal

In terms of palaces and castles Jaipur is rich; so much so that there is a palace built in the Man Sagar Lake that gets submerged up to the fourth floor when the lake is filled to its capacity. The red sandstone that is used to construct it reflects beautifully in the waters and creates a stunning view which is sometimes even mistaken to be a 5 star hotel in Jaipur. The palace needs to be accessed by boat and visitors would be able to spot kestrels, grey wagtails and a few other migratory birds in and around the water.


Central Park

Relaxation and calming of one's nerves are top priorities when on vacation. These states of mind can be achieved at accommodation such as the Alila Fort Bishangarh or at venues such as Central Park Jaipur where tranquillity is inherent. The Central Park consists of a golf course, modern theme park attributes and a jogging track making it an easy crowd attractor. In spite of its location and rush, the park is a haven for bird watchers.


Amber Fort and Palace

Home to some of the most enchanting frescos studded with gems and jewels, an entire chamber known as the 'Palace of Mirrors' which is designed with millions of little pieces of mirrors in its interior and a strong fortification built with red sandstone and white marble, the Amber Fort and Palace is a truly magnificent structure of the past. There is no doubt from the thickness of its walls and grandeur that it has retained over the years that it would have been a formidable garrison. The Aravalli Hills and the Maota Lake which form a part of the palace's backdrop only add more value and splendour to the picture that visitors behold.