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Sweets Shop in Mumbai

Send sweets and gifts to India from USA, UK and anywhere in the world with Ghasitaram Gifts which is an online store in India with effortless internet gift shopping for your loved ones.

Indian Sweets Online USA | Send Gifts to India from USA, UK

Send gifts to India from USA to your love ones. You can send Indian Sweets online to USA, UK, and Australia from Ghasitaram Gifts at best prices.


Buy Indian Sweets Online

Buy Indian Sweets Online

Ghasitaram Gifts is a Best Online Sweets shop in Mumbai that offers to buy Indian Sweets Online to India from USA & UK at affordable prices.

Online Sweets Delivery from Best Sweets Shop in Mumbai

Online Sweets Delivery to USA, India, UK from Ghasitaram Gifts, one of the best Sweets Shop in Mumbai offers Mithai and sweets online at your doorstep.


Online Rakhi to USA

Online Rakhi to USA

Send Online Rakhi to USA from our online Rakhi store and Choose varieties of Rakhi gifts for your sister from Ghasitaram Gifts & we will deliver it to her.


Send Gifts to India from USA

Send Gifts to India from USA

Send gifts to India from USA, UK and anywhere in the world with Ghasitaram Gifts which is an online store in India with effortless internet gift shopping for your loved ones.

Send Rakhi to India for Your Loved Ones with Surprise Gifts

Long-distance sisters can even send Rakhi to India to their brothers to show their love and gratitude. Even there are online stores from where one can buy sweets and rakhis to send them to India.

Send Gifts to India from USA for Celebrating Birthday of Your Sister

No matter whatever plans you are making regarding gifts, you can send that to your sweet little sister, even when you are thousands of miles away from her. Love need no boundaries and your gifts will portray the amount of love you have in your heart for her.


Log at Reputed Sites for Online Rakhi Delivery on Time

Log at Reputed Sites for Online Rakhi Delivery on Time

Within a few more days, Rakhi will come gracefully knocking at the door. You always get the opportunity to present your beloved brother with the rakhi, but now you cannot. He is staying in another city and you will hardly get the chance to gracefully place a rakhi on his hand. What can you do during such instances? Well, the answer is simple. You just need to present him with rakhi no matter wherever he is. For that, logging online at Ghasitaram Gifts is the name to be. Through this platform, you get the opportunity to actually procure some of the best rakhi and get the opportunity to send it over to the brother no matter wherever he stays.

Even abroad delivery:

Sometimes, your brother might stay abroad and not in India. Well, not to worry as through Online Rakhi Delivery, you can actually send rakhi abroad too and right on time. Just select the rakhi you want along with some gifts if you want to, and get the items delivered to your given address. Even if it is in USA, your brother will definitely get the rakhi even before the main date arrives. So, on the due date, he can just wear the rakhi and that will remind him of your love.

Send some gifts too:

Sending only rakhi seems a bit dry. Such auspicious moments always come with some great gifts and amazing delightful results. Well, that is what you need to consider and get hold of the best rakhi gifts now. There are some sweet and dry fruit packs available from the same online store for you to try out anytime. You can purchase anything you want and the result will turn out to be just outstanding. You can even add a bit of love by stating some customized message with the gift.

Available in complete set:

Buying gifts and rakhi separately and sending those individually to the same address will take more time and charge you extra. Avoid that right from the first time by adding some sets to the list. These sets will comprise of rakhi and Indian Sweets online to USA together in a complete bunch to be shipped off to your foreign location if you ask for it. The products will reach right on time and when you ask for it. Just be sure to log online and order for the gifts now if you want them to get delivered on time.

For those sweet lovers:

If you have a bother with sweet tooth, then Indian sweets might be the best comfort food anyone can ever ask for. Just be sure to check out the packs first and then select the one you like the most among the lot.


Online Rakhi Delivery

Online Rakhi Delivery

Fast & Quick online Rakhi delivery in India. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with happiness and excitement by joining these auspicious rakhis on brothers' wrists.

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Online Gift and Sweet Shops for Easy Purchasing

Online Gift and Sweet Shops for Easy Purchasing

Online stores have become hugely popular for buying all kind of products all over the world. Now you can also send rakhis and gifts to your loved ones staying away from you by simply visiting the online stores and placing orders. Even geographical boundaries do not matter. If you are staying away from India in some other country and want to send gifts to India, you can choose the online route.

Gift collection

The online stores have amazing collections of rakhis. Raksha Bandhan is a festival in India in which sisters tie sacred threads on the wrists of their brothers and get the promise of lifelong protection. If you are living abroad and want to Send Rakhi to India for your brother, go through the rakhi collections in the online stores and place an order. The online stores have beautiful thread rakhis with beads and stones of various designs. Rudraksh rakhis having rudraksh beads are also available in the stores. Kid’s rakhis such as Chota Bheem rakhis, Doreomon rakhis, spiderman rakhis, teddy bear rakhis, etc. for your kid brothers are also available in the stores. If you want to send a unique kind of rakhi to your brother, you can choose a jewel rakhi, pearl rakhi, diamond rakhi or a silver rakhi. These are metal rakhis having various designs.

Gifts for sisters are also available in the collection. Various kinds of gifts for sisters include gift hampers containing chocolates or sweets along with grooming accessories, light metal baskets for decoration and other items.

Valentine Day gifts also feature in the gift collection. The valentine day gifts are grouped under categories for men and women in the online stores. Gifts for women include many innovative items such as floating water LED candles, musical rotating dome with lights, set of illuminated roses and much more. Gifts for men include romantic photoframes, metallic book safe, chess and bar sets, stylish pens, tie and belt sets and much more. Many online stores offer the option of sending a chocolate box and teddy bear along with the gift.

Sweets collection

A whole lot of Indian sweets such as pista badam sweets, mewa sweets, barfis, modaks, laddus, etc. are available for shipment in the online stores so you can Buy Indian Sweets Online. Sweets filled with dry fruits such as kaju katli, kaju kalash, cashew flowers, anjeer dryfruit roll and many more are also available in the online stores.

Sugar Free sweets for people suffering from diabetes or other sugar problems also feature among the sweets available in the stores. Sugar Free modaks, pedas, assorted rolls, kaju katlis, kaju pista rolls and others are all available in the online stores.

The sweets are packed in highly decorative boxes as is the norm in India. Wooden reusable boxes are also available for packing the sweets.

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Why should you buy Indian Sweets Online?

Why should you buy Indian Sweets Online?

Indian cuisines and spices are famous worldwide for their exotic tastes and aromas. Not just in India but Indian sweets are quite famous all over the world. To fulfill the carving of their customers now, anyone can Buy Indian Sweets Online. In India, there is a special relationship between the celebration and sweets. We Indians like to celebrate everything with sweets. If you also want to celebrate all your happy moments with sweets now, you can order them online to avail of various benefits.

Lots of Choices
There is no second thought that everyone wants to buy the most delicious sweets. But in your local sweet shop, the options are limited. On the other side, if you opt for an online sweet shop, you'll have the unlimited choices. The more choices you have the easy it is to get the more quality oriented products. Whether you are trying to buy the candies or traditional Indian sweets, online sweet shops got the widest variety. This is why online sweet shops are getting popular. If you haven’t tried Indian sweets just yet, ordering from an online sweet shop will also give you the brief information about all the Indian sweets. So that you can choose the one that you’ll love.

Offers and Discount
Just like other online stores, online sweet shops offer many different discounts and deals to their customers. Buying sweets from the online store mean you can save lots of money. No matter if you are buying a single box or buying in bulk, you'll always get the discount on your purchase. Now when you can save money by buying sweets from Online Sweets Shop in Mumbai, may be you can buy more sweets.

Easy to Buy
Online stores have changed everything about buying stuff. At first, where there were no online stores, individuals have to go to their local market to buy sweets. But with the emergence of online stores now you can order whatever you want from the online stores. To order sweets go to the online sweet shop choose what you want, and that's it. Your sweets will be delivered to your home. Ordering sweets online will help those who don't have time to go out in the market. There are many websites like that offers all the best variety of sweets online and also offers the comfortable and convenient feature to order online.

In short, it can be said that getting sweets from an online sweet shop is a reasonable decision to go with. Are you looking for buying sweets online? You can visit The best part about them is that they offer the international delivery which means if you are an Indian who is not living in India you can still get the Indian sweets to celebrate all your happy occasion.


Buy sweets easily from online Sweet shops in Mumbai

Buy sweets easily from online Sweet shops in Mumbai

For every sweet lover’s dream is to have as many sweets as they want without any blocks. Right? Mumbai is the state which is having an infinity of shops in India which boasts of some kick ass Indian sweets. It will make you salivating over the sweets with less time. India is on the top of the list by giving the world some of the most super delicious and salivating sweets.

Festivals are the best time of celebrations where you exchange gifts to one another. This is a tradition in India, which has been prevalent for a long time. Many of the sweets are offered to gods before being distributed or celebrated the festivals or any events. Try to make your every festival remembrance to consider over for many years to come. Use this website for ordering Indian Sweets online from USA to charming your loved people in there.

You can find sweets in Mumbai in numerous shops and restaurants with no difficulty. But finding a good Sweets Shop in Mumbai is like climbing a mountain task. Mumbai is the city which will be wonderful in cultures. It is a diverse one in culture. This city promises some heavenly street food which can include chaat, desserts, and sweets.

Unknown too many travelers, South Asia, is having a whole one in food item which is called ‘Mithai.’ It is known as sweets. Sweets are the traditional way and coming from ancient times.
Unique taste:**

Most of the sweets have a touch with the ingredients of milk, cream or combined. It is combined with a large number of combinations of butter, sugar, chickpea flour, almond, cashews, saffron or many other things to make a sweet. Sweets are classy and to get attracted, sweet is even draped with the layer of sterling silver. It is known as vakhra.
Popular sweet in Mumbai:**

Some of the delicious sweet dishes are served in Mumbai which includes Modak, dry fruit kulfi, Sheera, chirota, and puranpoli etc. one of the most popular sweet or the dessert in Mumbai is ‘Shrikhand’. It is the sweetened made with yogurt and flavored with nuts, saffron and cardamom powder.

Every region or the state has its specialties, like Bengal’s fluffy; Maharashtra’s jaggery based milky sweets. Mumbai is the city with one of the best places to sample sweet from all around India. You can find many of the sweets with many ingredients and with great taste. Sweets like Mysore Pak, Peda, Barfi, Jalebi, Halva, Laddoo, rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Malpua, and Carrot Halva, etc can be easily found with the great taste in Mumbai.

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Online Sweets Delivery

Online Sweets Delivery

Ghasitaram Gifts is a best sweets shop in Mumbai that offers online delivery of Indian sweets, chocolates and cakes to your friends, relatives all over the world.