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List of Local Delicacies in Wan Chai - Sample Some of the Best Dishes in Hong Kong

The region of Wan Chai in Hong Kong is home to a number of delicious dishes and snacks ranging from the world famous Dim Sum to the local favourite, Char Siu.


Lo Mai Gai

Lo Mai Gai is a dish which combines chicken and pork with glutinous rice. The rice and meat are placed upon a lotus leaf and steamed prior to serving, allowing a multitude of flavours to fuse together. Lo Mai Gain can be found at any dim sum restaurant in almost any 4 star hotel in Hong Kong.


Dim Sum

Dim Sum is one of the best dishes to sample when in Hong Kong. Whether you opt for a standalone restaurant or a restaurant at a hotel such as Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong, Dim Sum is a dish that is usually featured on any menu. The history of the dish is also quite intriguing for it is linked with the tradition of yum cha i.e. drink tea. During ancient times when travellers used the Silk Road, small teahouses began to mushroom along the route in order to provide travellers with a place to rest. As time went by, these teahouses began to add small snacks to their menu, and one such snack was Dim Sum. Dim Sum is prepared in a myriad of ways with beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian options being available. It is usually consumed as a breakfast or brunch meal. Dim Sum can be prepared by steaming and frying. It is usually consumed with tea. There are also certain traditions associated with tea and Dim Sum such as pouring tea for others prior to pouring your own cup. It has also become a type of fast food in Hong Kong.


Roast Pork and Roast Chicken

Roast Pork is one of the best Cantonese dishes available in Hong Kong. Roast Pork is usually prepared using the belly of the pig. It is roasted until the skin on the outside becomes crispy and the meat itself becomes tender and delicious. Roast Pork can be found in abundance and is a beloved street food dish in the city. Roast Chicken is also a similarly famous dish, but unlike Roast Pork which is truly roasted, Roast Chicken is quite oily and more akin to deep fried chicken.


Char Siu: Barbeque Pork

A staple at any of the roast meat shops in Hong Kong, Char Siu involves marinating pork in a mixture of sauces and spices. Usually the sauces that are used include hoisin sauce and soy sauce. Many add a natural sweetener such as honey to create an added dimension in the flavour profile.


Brisket Curry

Brisket Curry refers to a beef brisket dish which is prepared by stewing the meat in a concoction made with Chinese spices and herbs. The meat is cooked until it is tender and either served alone or with noodles. When served with noodles, the dish is usually referred to as Brisket Noodles.


Clay Pot Rice

Somewhat similar to Lo Mai Gai, Clay Pot Rice is another street food that is often considered comfort food. The rice is prepared in a clay pot and thereafter combined with a number of different meats or mushrooms. It is served with a delicious gravy which makes the rice even more delectable.