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ACN Referral Agency

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ACN Referral Agency is a premier referral agency in California composed of a vast network of highly-trained and experienced domestic professionals. We are locally-owned and family operated, non-medical, custodial care agency. More importantly, our primary focus is to help people live their lives in a fuller and happier way.

Should You Opt for Home Care Over Facility Care?

There’ll come a time when you have to decide where your elders can live the safest and most comfortable life while navigating the challenges of aging. These days, you can trust premier providers of non-medical care in Concord, California, like ACN Referral Agency, to deliver quality care and attention to your loved ones as they grow older.

The Secret to Aging Gracefully

As we do our research on how to age well, we’ll find that eating right, getting enough sleep, and keeping our bodies active through exercise are all excellent ways to achieve that goal. Of course, we must not forget to avoid smoking (and second-hand smoke which is even more dangerous) and keep the drinking at a minimum (except for that occasional glass of healthy red wine, of course).

5 Recommendations for Seniors: How to Live Healthier During Retirement

Majority of people think that the older you get, the less active you’ll become. Chronic pain, fear of injury, or health issues are the common reasons why most seniors prefer to live a more sedentary lifestyle. While it’s true that aging may cause inflexibility, compromised balanced, and other physical limitations, leading an inactive lifestyle might only make things worse.

4 Notable Tips to Help You Age Well

Aging is inevitable – it happens to everyone without exception. However, what you can control is how you age. Do you want to age gracefully? Do you still want to be healthy, active, and have a good appearance as you grow older? ACN Referral Agency, a premier provider of non-medical care in Contra Costa, offers the following tips to help you age well:

Dressing Well: 7 Secrets Seniors Must Know

You can definitely look good even if you’re past 50! Just take a look at some of the most successful movie stars.

7 Hobbies That Help Seniors Stay Physically and Mentally Active

Staying fit is a vital factor in living a long, healthy life and it’s not limited to the 4 walls of a gym!

Why Senior Citizens Should Exercise

The older we get, the more our health will begin to diminish. This is something that you may not feel right away, but eventually, you will slowly start to feel it.

The Advantages of Home Care Services

Here are a few of the many advantages you can enjoy from our non-medical care in Concord, California:

Retirement: 9 Tips to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Already retired? Living a healthy lifestyle is a must to enjoy retirement life.

5 Available Options to Remind Yourself to Take Your Medications

Taking your medication is a crucial task you have to fulfill. Medications contribute significantly to your overall health. But, when remembering this task becomes difficult, you may have to find other ways to help you out, even engaging non-medical care in Contra Costa.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Letting Your Senior Live at Home

When your elderly loved one reaches a certain age, there’s always that question that will loom above the household: Should we consider putting our loved one in an assisted living facility? It’s a sensitive subject to bring up, especially if your loved one already has a stand on it. Decisions as big as this should be regularly talked about in the family. It also helps if everyone will offer their point of view on the matter since looking at it at different angles will help you decide. ACN Referral Agency, a provider of Non-Medical Care in Concord California has 4 reasons why you should consider letting your senior live at home:

Aging Gracefully: It’s Not a Myth!

You might have raised your eyebrows at the title, you might have even scoffed at it. Probably all throughout your life, you’ve heard of the “age gracefully” phrase countless of times. Aging gracefully has taken a lot of heat and it’s probably because we have different interpretations of what aging gracefully means. At ACN Referral Agency, we like to view aging as something that can be taken into stride with the help of a support system, a certain mindset, and the following:

Top 3 Reasons Why Extra-Curricular Activities Are Good for Your Retired Loved Ones

Aging is an inevitable process. Eventually, people will go into retirement in their later years. They will cease to go to their office for work, which they may have spent most of their lives with. Many retired individuals will also get some help from providers of Senior Care in Bay Area Counties for completing their daily chores.

Senior Lifestyle: 5 Ways to Spend Your Retirement Years

Lots of individuals work hard in their early years to save up for retirement. During retirement, they won't have to work anymore. This enables them to do the things that they want to do. They can spend their time doing the things that they weren't able to do because of work.

Tips for a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle for Seniors

As our loved ones reach their late golden years, their lifestyle changes and activities of daily life may now vary according to their needs. Since they no longer possess the same level of strength and dexterity as they did before — not to mention they may experience mental lapses due to old age — they may need help and assistance in performing their activities of daily life.

Advantages of In-Home Care for Your Elderly Loved Ones

As your loved ones get older, frailer, and more dependent, you would have to decide on the best way to provide the much-needed care and assistance for them. While you may immediately think of placing them in shared residential care homes, you may have to consider the advantages of opting for in-home care instead. If you are a bit skeptical as to how employing home care services for your elderly loved ones can be better as compared to letting them stay in a facility where they can be properly taken care of 24/7, then here are some advantages of opting for in-home care services:

Benefits of Being Surrounded by Loved Ones: Why Home Care is Right for Your Aging Parent

Are you also on this crossroad of whether you should opt for tapping help from providers of Senior Care in Bay Area Counties or not? Whether you’re an elderly person making a choice for your long-term care or a family member deeply caring for the welfare of an aging loved one, this choice is always not easy to make.

Non-Medical Care in Concord, California | ACN Referral Agency

As the area’s leading non-medical, custodial care provider, ACN Referral Agency offers quality, compassionate care for the elderly.Through Non-Medical Care in California, it is our goal to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our clients, and that is exactly what we do – every day.

Income-Generating Ideas: 5 Helpful Guides for Retirees

Are you retiring anytime soon? The exciting thing about retirement is that your time is now in your hands. The challenge, however, is to make this time productive, and better yet, income-generating. Do you have any ideas in mind? Well, we do. As your partner in providing Senior Care in Bay Area Counties, we believe in the many productive ventures that older adults can do in their independent years.

6 Myths About Aging (And the Facts Behind Them)

Myths and stereotypes about aging and seniors are pervasive in our culture. Like any form of bias, these myths and stereotypes have led many of us to make false assumptions about seniors. ACN Referral Agency, a reputable provider of non-medical care in Concord California, debunks some of the top myths about aging:

Home Care | California | ACN Referral Agency

You can ask more questions about Home Care, Light Housekeeping or Mobility Assistance! Please feel free to call us at 888-943-2128.

Senior Exercise: 6 Safety Tips and Reminders

Regular exercise can be very beneficial for people of all ages, particularly for seniors. However, most seniors don’t get enough exercise out of fear that they may overexert themselves or due to the misconception that they can no longer move and exercise as much due to their age.

Why Retirement Is a Great Time for Mentoring Others: 5 Benefits

Are you greatly looking forward in the retirement years? Some seniors don’t and some seniors do. We encourage you to take the latter view because there are many great opportunities for retirees in their retirement years. While most seniors will need assistance from providers of non-medical care in Concord California, this doesn’t hamper the quality life they ought to live.

How Lifestyle Changes Help Retirees in Managing Diabetes at Home

One of the major risks in the aging years is acquiring chronic illnesses. Diabetes is one of these health conditions. While it can be emotionally dampening when you are diagnosed with this condition, know that diabetes cannot keep you from living the quality life you ought to live. As a key provider of non-medical care in Concord California, we work with seniors in breezing through their aging challenges so that they can enjoy the retirement years ahead – diabetes or no diabetes.