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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 Interesting Places to Visit in Jeddah – Explore Jeddah's Highlights

The largest city in Saudi Arabia's Makkah Province, Jeddah is also the largest port along the Red Sea. Here are five places of interest you can visit when you're here.



Al-Balad is believed to be the point of origin of the city of Jeddah. Fishermen who lived along the coast of the Red Sea are believed to have gotten together and founded the city. Jeddah's origins date back to over 2,500 years in the past. You can still see traces of its long-standing past that have been preserved for centuries; keep an eye out for the ancient homes that are made of coral stones and wood, which are still standing today. Al-Balad is also home to the Gate to Makkah, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.


King Fahad's Fountain

Pay a visit to King Fahad's Fountain in Jeddah which was built in the eighties. It is the world's highest water fountain according to the Guinness World Records. The fountain's water jets shoot up to an impressive height of over a thousand feet above the Red Sea. This fountain also goes by the name of Jeddah Fountain. Its construction was a gift from King Fahad, the fountain's namesake. Due to its impressive height, the fountain's jets are visible from all over Jeddah.

As tempting as it might be, don't try and take a sip of the fountain's water; King Fahad's fountain is not a freshwater fountain. Its water comes from the Red Sea. The best time to appreciate the beauty of the fountain is after sunset when it is lit up. If you are residing at one of the luxury hotels in Jeddah such as the Ascott Tahlia Jeddah, you can reach the fountain by taxi in around 20-minutes.


The Floating Mosque

Known locally as the Masjid Al Rahma, the Floating Mosque is one of the iconic symbols of Jeddah's coastal landscape. The mosque is located by the Red Sea and is supported on pillars that rise up from the water. This creates the illusion that the mosque is floating above the sea. To see this illusion at its best, visit during high tide when the waters swell and completely conceal the pillar-foundations of the mosque. The mosque is open to visitation 24 hours a day.


Al-Shallal Theme Park

When you're travelling with kids, there comes a time when historical, scenic and cultural attractions are just not enough. If you reach that point in your family holiday, head to Jeddah's Al-Shallal Theme Park. The park offers many rollercoaster rides, restaurants and an ice skating rink which are sure to keep the children happy.


Medina Gate

Check out Medina Gate. It's an impressive structure made out of limestone. If you look at it closely, you will see that it is studded with corals. It forms part of the antiquated city wall that once encompassed the whole of Jeddah.


The Red Sea

Jeddah is the largest port city on the Red Sea. Spend a few hours by the waterfront. The Corniche that runs along the coast is popular with locals and tourists. You can enjoy the view, have picnics by the water and engage in activities like diving and snorkelling. The waters offer plenty of marine life and colourful coral reefs for you to discover.