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Top Things to Enjoy for Free in Chengdu – It Doesn't Take Money to Have a Good Time in Chengdu

Stop by Chengdu, capital of the famed Sichuan Province that is known for some of the spiciest food in all of China. Here're the best ways to have fun in Chengdu without spending a dime!


Tianfu Square

Head over to Tianfu Square at the centre of the city. It's the largest such square among China's western provinces, and there's always something going on there. Enjoy the lively atmosphere as locals perform daily exercises and dance routines, and join in the fun if you feel up to it! It doesn't cost a cent. If the weather's right, you may also be able to fly a kite at Tianfu Square.


Jinli Ancient Street

Walk down Jinli Ancient Street for a blast from China's past. It is located around half an hour's drive away from Chengdu serviced apartments and accommodation options such as Citadines South Chengdu. This street goes on for around 550 metres and is widely considered to be the town's oldest commercial road. Immerse yourself in ancient customs and culture hailing from the time of the Three Kingdoms. Observe the many folk music concerts, traditional marriage ceremonies and operas that play out here. If you want to experience the height of excitement, the best time to visit would be when there are festivals happening; such as the Dragon Boat and Lantern traditional Chinese festivals.


Luodai Ancient town

For a peek into the culture of the ethnic Hakka minority in China, pay a visit to Luodai Ancient Town. This town traces its origins back to around 200 BC! Almost all the people living here today are Hakka, as opposed to the majority Han Chinese, and proudly preserve their unique customs and language. The town's name, 'Luodai', translates to 'Jade Belt'; an item that is said to have been left behind here, by a Han Dynasty emperor who went by the name of Liuchan.

While you're there, check out the museum, park and earthen Hakka buildings, and sample the local Hakka cuisine. Keep an ear out for traditional Hakka folk music. If you've timed your visit to coincide with the Fire and Water Dragon festivals, go ahead and take part in them to experience life in Luodai first-hand!


Huanhua Street Park

Want a break from the concrete jungle? Enjoy some R&R at the Huanhua Stream Park. The Huanhua and Ganhe Streams flow through this massive park. Spend a peaceful afternoon observing their waters and the scenic surrounds. Once you are done, you can visit the Sichuan Provincial Museum which is situated at the park's eastern end.


Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is a commercial area lined with shops, restaurants and shopping malls. For just a few Yuan, you can sample plenty of street food favourites such as dumplings and glutinous rice balls. Alternatively, you can opt for some value meals at the local McDonald's.

If you are more interested in window shopping and sightseeing than in checking out the many shops and restaurants, there's still plenty to do that won't put a dent in your budget. Check out the famous wall made of granite, which features carvings of life in the Tang Dynasty, as it was a thousand years ago. There are eight themes to these carvings. They depict scenes from China's Lantern Festival, as well as activities like flower planting, alcohol brewing and weaving; all things which were commonplace in Chengdu during that era in China's history.