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Hydraulic Breaker

BA Equipment group- The Best Hydraulic Breakers and Attachment Provider

BA Equipment Group is a leading authorised dealer for Epiroc/Atlas Copco hydraulic attachments, MTB Attachments, GTS Rocksaws and Transmin Boom systems. Also Offering a comprehensive list of spare parts for all makes and models of hydraulic hammer. If you’re looking for durable and high-performance breakers or hydraulic attachment, check some of the most amazing collection on their list for the customers.

BA Equipment Group Provides High-Quality ATLAS COPCO DRUM CUTTERS

Do you want a cost-effective solution for the profiling, trenching, dredging, or demolishing of the rock or concrete wall? Are you aiming for excavation of soft rocks underwater? With low noise and reduced vibration level, Atlas copco drum cutters equipment is ideal for the densely populated areas. Drum cutters can be used underwater to a depth of 30m without additional installation.

Explore the Best Performing Rock Cutting Attachment near You

Looking for effective rock excavation attachments? Then worry no more as you can easily find equipment and attachment sellers around you in a jiffy. Rock Cutting equipment aids in effectively cutting down rocks or stones in no time. No matter how hard the rock, it can be easily disintegrated with rock cutting attachments. So if into the construction business, look for the best rock cutting parts near you, and make an investment worth your time and money.

BAEG- Provides the Best Quality Spare Parts & Hydraulic Hammer in Australia

With a good hand in equipment selling and servicing, BAEG also offers parts of machinery to keep it working for years. Presenting the multi-brand parts is their specialty. A few of the brand names are Atlas Copco Brisbane, Montabert, Rammer, Sandvik, CAT, DNB, Everdigm, Furukawa, Giant, Indeco, NPK , Rhino, Socomec, and Soosanand. The price of their product is lower than the market price but the quality is the same. The company also proffers competitive prices on non-EOM products. World’s best and capable equipment is sold here and this is what they guarantee for 100% in every possible way.

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Atlas Copco Hydraulic Breakers

A drumming hammer generally attached to an excavator which in turn breaks concrete such as rocks, is known as a hydraulic breaker. This equipment is heavily used all across the globe for construction and drilling purposes. And, when it comes to choosing the best hydraulic breaker, nothing could be better than Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers parts. This brand manufactures industrial equipment that is best in quality and performs as per the industrial standards.

Guide On How to Properly Use Hydraulic Breaker Hammer

When used properly and maintained well, hydraulic hammers ought to last longer without wear and tear. These hydraulic breaker hammers further have a tool bit attached to it, that are non-rotary cutting tools used to make an actual job happen. Wondering about how to properly use tool bits in order to increase productivity and enhance the hydraulic breaker hammer life? Read on, to find out.

GTS Diamond Saw offers more benefits and features than any other hydraulic saw

Are you in search of the best rock cutting saw? If yes, the BA Equipment group is the right choice for you. They offer the most reliable hydraulic saw attachment that easily cut through trees, concrete, and other materials. Their saws possess a 180-degree rotating head bracket that provides rotation without the need to disconnect. Bi-directional blade rotation allows for cutting in both directions. Also the Built in water spray system keeps diamonds cool whilst minimising dust pollution.

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Explore Online For Affordable and High-Quality Rock Cutting Equipment

Rock cutting is a technical undertaking that requires high-quality equipment. Such equipment comes in the form of hydraulic breakers that is an attachment put on an excavator. Such rock cutting equipment not only makes sure that the rocks break through easily but also does it in a timely manner. Look for the best in class hydraulic breakers online and buy from reliable sources that also offer post-purchase servicing.

Maintenance Tips for Increasing Productivity of Hydraulic Breakers

Hydraulic breakers are excavator mounted attachments that aid in breaking through concrete or other construction material. Owing to the heavy work that these hydraulic breakers do, taking proper care of them becomes mandatory. This care and maintenance make sure that the excavators perform well with no lags or interruptions. A hydraulic breaker usually deals with demolition materials and filth from around the construction site.

Buy High Performance & Low Maintenance Hydraulic Compactor

Hydraulic compactors are designed for compacting soil, trenches and embankments, as well as driving in and pulling out posts and form work. Atlas Copco HC350 Compactor is highly efficient in performing trench operation without causing noise and harm to the operator. So, if you are also seeking this device along with rotational feature, go over the web and find the first-rate Atlas Copco Plate Compactor, which can reach remote terrain areas also, easily.

5 Things to look in an Ideal Hydraulic Compactor

A hydraulic compactor is a tool that eases soil compaction process. These compactors offer versatility and efficiency through all of the operations it performs. Not only soil compacting but hydraulic plate compactor also aids in soil stabilisation, trench compaction or even steep slope compaction. An outstanding compactor is designed in such a way that it can even mount other equipment as well. But, what exactly to expect from an efficient hydraulic compactor.

Handy Tips to Choose Best Chop saw your workshop

A workshop is incomplete without a chop saw. Whether you are looking for a wood cutting saw or rock cutting saw, it’s always advisable to select a valued brand that offers advanced features. Here are some quick tips and tricks that will help you make a perfect choice when choosing the best chop saw for your workshop.

Explore the Best Hydraulic Hammer Attachments near You

Hydraulic hammers aid in breaking through the concrete and the rocks easy. Whether it is mining or excavation, hydraulic hammer attachments are widely used for quick and effective results. These attachments can be easily bought from reputed dealers who not only provide you the required equipment but also make servicing available. Wait no more and explore breaker attachment providers near you today.

Atlas Copco’s Breaker Features “Heavy-Duty” Technology

One needs to consider many features such as performance, maintenance, design etc when buying a new breaker. But, now there’s no need to worry. A perfect solution has come in the market that will provide every feature you wish for in your breaker. And, that is Atlas Copco’s breakers. This breaker is an ideal choice for your all your construction, renovation, and other jobs needs. Let’s explore the top features of this breaker in detail.

Find the Best Quality Atlas Copco Combi Cutters in Australia

Concrete and steel are no longer a challenge. With the design of the new generation of Epiroc/Atlas Copco Combi Cutters, the engineers have succeeded in developing a remarkable combination of high crushing force, short cycle times and a high dependability. These silent demolition tools such as combi cutters can be used for practically any kind of demolition work.

BA Equipment Group- Offering a Wide Range of ER Drum Cutters

A drum cutter is that equipment that makes trenching, demolition, foundation works, and tunneling easy. BA Equipment Group is a reliable option when looking for drum cutter that is built to perform. The cutters offered by them make less noise and are robust in nature. BA Equipment Group offers a wide range of longitudinal and transverse drum cutters. When you buy from them, you assure your equipment a long working life without any wear or tear. They also offer effective servicing in case of any equipment related issue. Visit for more information.

6 Powerful Silent Demolition Tools you Must have

The demolition job demands vigorous tools that can ease up even the most difficult task. Reliability is a key factor that is at the top of the priority list while making your collection of best-ever silent demolition tools. Below are some of the tools that every destruction service provider must have. Let’s check out some powerful Silent Demolition Tools for 2018.

Advantages of Using Construction Equipment with Latest Technology

Latest technical equipment is full of potential that can enhance the overall construction work. From monitoring tracks to log reports, all can be managed with your gadget. The easy access to the machines is achievable with the help of GPS and other network technologies. Normally, the highly technical demolition equipment include GPS location, machine alter, and inoperative time. There are various benefits of using this resourceful equipment. Some of the benefits are mentioned here so let’s check out!

Hydraulic Hammer in Australia Is Trending for a Reason- and Here’s It

There is a reason why the hydraulic hammer in Australia is trending. While people here face problems like breaking heavy stones or digging wide surfaces, companies that are utilizing hydraulic hammer for this purpose are making such tasks easier. The best of the best companies can be reached with a click, and one can hire them at any time of the day to ease such humongous tasks in no time.

Hydraulic Breaker Care Maintenance – The Complete Guide

Hydraulic breakers are powerful hammers fitted to an excavator for bringing down concrete and rock structures. An auxiliary hydraulic system powers a hydraulic breaker; it comes fitted with a foot-operated valve. Hydraulic breakers work to break asphalt and other construction material.

Mining Hydraulic Hammers – Feel the Ease at the Construction Site

Hydraulic hammers are great to drill the hard surfaces and break them apart at the constructions sites. The mining hydraulic hammers use the hydraulic energy that makes the task easier than other mechanisms. Look around for the hydraulic equipment providers and make your purchase there!

  • Working for years in servicing and supplying parts, BA Equipment Group' strong relationship with their clients has never wavered. Offering a comprehensive list of spare parts for all makes and models of hydraulic hammer, the company feels proud to be the certified dealers of various brands, they stock and source. Its durable equipment makes it popular among the people of Western Australia.

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