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Top 4 Historical Places in Langkawi - Take a Step Back in Time

Tourists often associate Langkawi with some of the world's best beaches and natural beauty. However, this cluster of 99 islands off the coast of Malaysia has a lot of interesting historical places.


Al Hana Mosque

Also known as the Masjid Al Hana, the Al Hana mosque is the largest mosque in Langkawi. If you are staying at a Langkawi resort, you are likely to walk past this magnificent peach and gold structure. The mosque was built in 1959 and its unique architecture incorporates designs from Uzbekistan with traditional Malay architecture. It is easily accessible as the Al Hana Mosque is situated to the west of Lagenda Langkawi Dalam and less than five minutes walking from resorts such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. As with most mosques, shoes must be removed before entering the prayer hall and ladies must wear clothing that covers their body, including their wrists and ankles.


Laman Padi

Laman Padi which means rice field in Malay is a rice museum and garden. This large complex also includes several rice fields. The museum exhibits include how rice cultivation and harvesting has evolved over the centuries in the region. Erected in 1999, Laman Padi has an accessible beachfront location. Guides can be gotten free of charge and the place is best appreciated with a guided tour. Visitors who want to try their hand at planting and harvesting rice can get can wade up to knee deep in the water and participate. For the sake of authenticity, Laman Padi also has cows and buffaloes roaming the fields.


Mahsuri's Tomb

This crypt is the site of one of Langkawi's greatest myths. Mahsuri was reported to be a beautiful noblewoman or princess who was wrongfully put to death for adultery. Legend has it that when she died, she cursed the island with seven generations of bad luck. Contrary to popular belief, the tomb is not where Mahsuri was interred but it is the site where she died. The area now includes a shrine dedicated to Mahsuri, a reconstruction of a traditional Malay house, a diorama museum and a theatre to showcase the arts. Interestingly, the diorama museum holds some of her jewellery and the weapon that killed Mahsuri.


Langkawi Craft Complex

The Langkawi Craft Complex is a great way to dive into the colourful world of traditional Malaysian handicrafts. The complex, which was set up in 1966, demonstrates craft making methods such as batik painting, wood carving, weaving, and plaiting. The exhibits that have been the most popular with tourists are the traditional wedding ceremony display and the display covering the local legends of Langkawi. The complex also houses items that are specific to Malaysia's variety of ethnic groups. Shopaholics will be happy to know that the Langkawi Craft Complex also has a sales gallery where they sell their beautiful, intricately woven brocade and other products. If you are looking for holiday souvenirs for friends and family, they also offer baskets woven from rattan and pandan leaves, brassware and silverware.

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