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Headline for Adventure water sports to try in the Maldives – Experience the wonders of the sea
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Adventure water sports to try in the Maldives – Experience the wonders of the sea

The sunny tropical islands of Maldives are more than just a honeymoon destination. It's a great place to try out some adventurous water sports, whether you're with a partner, friends or family!


Scuba diving

The tranquil, azure waters are ideal for scuba diving. Get your PADI diving license, usually available at a PADI certified diving school found in several resorts, and then head over to some of the most popular diving sites in the islands. Depending on the season and the dive points, you'll be able to see manta rays, black tip and white tip reef sharks, whale sharks, sea turtles, and plenty of other exotic marine life. The Hammerhead Shark Point is only 10 minutes away from Kuramathi Maldives and is an absolute must! Remember to always listen to your instructor and follow his/her directions. Don't swim too close to any marine animal and try not to block their way, as they will only attack if they feel threatened. Don't forget, just because it's the wild, doesn't mean there are no rules. Be a responsible diver and you'll be able to explore the beauty of the underwater world. The best season for scuba diving is between the months of January to April.



A water sport less extreme than scuba diving, but exhilarating nonetheless, snorkelling is great for those who want to explore the treasures of the sea without going scuba diving. Rent a pair of snorkelling gear from your Maldives holiday hotel and wade into the waters to start your adventure. You'll be able to get a glimpse of the colourful life of the sea. Just remember, that the same rules apply here – as you're a visitor, remember not to approach or taunt any of the marine creatures you see. Refrain from touching, stepping on or picking anything you see in the sea (unless it's rubbish!). Touching corals or any sea creature can be fatal to the ecosystem.



Explore the perimeters of your island by embarking on a kayaking excursion. Check whether your hotel offers this first – and then set out to sea and paddle against the currents as you explore the Maldives at your own pace. Since the waters are so clear, you'll be able to see the busy marine life just below the surface, if you stay completely still. Enjoy the sun and cool breeze but remember not to kayak too far away from your island.


Underwater Walking

Are you afraid to swim or are unable to do so? The ideal way to experience the treasure troves of the Maldivian sea is to try this new experience of Underwater Walking. It's also perfect for kids and older people. You'll be fitted with a glass oxygen mask; similar to a helmet combined with a goldfish bowl, and with the aid of a rope, you can walk on the seabed and get a glimpse of the life beneath the surface. Sounds fun, doesn't it?!


Catamaran Sailing

Cruise the Maldivian seas on a catamaran. Enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine while you're in the middle of the ocean, with nothing but blue skies and azure waters around you. You can also opt to jump off and enjoy a private snorkelling experience or a private island picnic.