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Updated by Lincoln Pharmacy on Nov 19, 2020
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Lincoln Pharmacy

Lincoln Pharmacy aims to provide patient-focused pharmacy services with a continuum of care developed through research and innovation.
When you come by our pharmacy, you will always be greeted with a smile and a ready hand to assist you with your needs. Lincoln Pharmacy aims to be more than just your family’s reliable pharmacy, we want to be your health partner for life.

The Challenges Encountered in Maintaining Medications at Home

With our busy lives, we need to keep a strong and healthy body. In doing so, we take vitamins and minerals to cover for those nutrients that we lack. These nutrients are naturally found in the food that we eat, but with our busyness, we always end up consuming instant or fast foods. These supplements that we need to take are easily found in pharmacies.

3 Things You Can Do Regularly to Keep Yourself Healthy

Some individuals who are lucky enough to have very strong immune system rarely get sick and do not need to do a lot of routines to keep themselves healthy. Or perhaps they already have healthy habits that is why they are less prone to illnesses.

A Guide to Specialty Pharmacy Services

We know there are pharmacy services, but what are specialty pharmacy services? Well, basically, these are services and medication meant for people with specialized medical needs. Lincoln Pharmacy, a reputable retail pharmacy in Lincoln, California, offers specialty drugs for the following:

How Does Talking to a Pharmacist About Your Health and Medication Concerns Help?

Pharmacists Are All-Knowing When It Comes to Health and Medication Aside from your doctor, who’s usually your go-to when it comes to questions and concerns about health and medication? Well, your pharmacist, of course. These professionals know all there is to know about medication and its usage. They’re also a lot more convenient to approach than doctors, who, more often than not, usually have a lot of patients to attend to, making them a bit difficult to catch at a good time. You have Lincoln Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy in Lincoln, California, so there’s no need to worry about a thing. You can talk to our expert pharmacist about any confusion concerning your prescription medications, healthcare and medication plans, and more.

Do HIV Medicines Have Side Effects?

After being diagnosed with HIV, your doctor will then prescribe you medicines for your health condition.

Prevent Skipping Your Medications with These 8 Tips

Taking your medication may be simple but it can also be hard.

How Can Your Pharmacist Help You?

Our pharmacists are here to help you improve your health through education, information, and by helping you find the best products for your situation.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle

Seldom it can feel like a hurdle to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s constant rush of deadlines, duties, and daily activities.

How Can Pharmaceutical Delivery Services Benefit You?

Delivery is something that many people typically do not give much thought to when they are visiting their local retail pharmacy in Lincoln, California. However, this simple service can have a huge impact on your life!

Why Vitamins Are Good Idea

Living a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for many of us. Some of us may not have the time, the motivation, or even the means. However, vitamins can help us take the first steps towards a healthier life. There are many different kinds of vitamins and they all serve their own unique purpose. They offer a side-effect free way to fill in nutritional gaps and to boost your overall health.

Lower Your Risk of Cancer with These Easy Steps!

We all know how deadly cancer is. We’ve heard about it on the radio, read articles on it online, and even watched documentaries about it. It’s a scary and life-threatening disease that discriminates no one. Children and adults alike can fall prey to it.

6 Things to Remember Before Undergoing Chemotherapy

Battling with cancer is never easy. Many aspects of your life, like school or work, are drastically changed. It also takes a toll on your personal life. That doesn’t mean that you should give in to despair.If you happen to be dealing with cancer right, know that we understand the challenges you face and want to help you. You may already have your own routine to follow before your chemotherapy sessions, but we still have some suggestions to help you keep order in your life:

Easy Tips for Saving Money on Medications

Medications can be very expensive, especially when you are treating a chronic condition. This means you may have to spend a fortune on medicine for a very long time. This can put a dent in anyone’s finances and can make life difficult. However, it does not have to cost a fortune just to maintain your health. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when you want to save money on your medications:

Benefits of Choosing an Independent Pharmacy

When you are looking for a good retail pharmacy in Lincoln, California it can be easy to simply go to a big family chain pharmacy. They are all over the country, provide the products you need, and offer other services. However, have you considered trying an independent pharmacy? These pharmacies offer a variety of benefits. Here are just a few for you to keep in mind:

What You Need to Know When Looking for a Good Pharmacy

Looking for a good pharmacy is not as easy as it seems. You will be able to get the products you are looking for at most drug stores in California but some are better than others. If you are looking to save money on high-quality products, while enjoying superb customer service then there are a number of factors to consider.

Why Are Generic Medications so Affordable?

When you are looking to save money at your local retail pharmacy in Lincoln, California there are a number of factors to keep in mind. However, one of the most effective options at your disposal is to switch over to generic drugs. These medications provide the same results as brand-name medicine, without the huge price tag. So why are they so affordable and are they safe to use?

What to Remember Before Taking Medication

We should never compromise when it comes to our health; that is why we find means and ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy and happy. Having a proper, nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and keeping ourselves from being stressed are all very important things to do to maintain good health. There are, however, circumstances we cannot avoid in which we fall victim to disease or injury. When that happens, we have to take the right steps to regain full health so we can perform various activities in our daily lives again.

Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California | Lincoln Pharmacy

Lincoln Pharmacy aims to be more than just your family’s Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California, we want to be your health partner for life.

Your Reliable Partner in Your Journey to Wellness

A retail pharmacy in Lincoln California, we believe that the road to recovery and wellness must be accessible and made easy for everyone.

Why Your Pharmacist Should Review Your Medications Regularly

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be challenging. In today’s world, though, a lot of treatment options are available for patients to manage or even cure their disease. One of these options is taking prescription medications. Patients just have to purchase their prescriptions from a Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California and take them accordingly.

Rx Refills | Lincoln Pharmacy | California

Go ahead and ask about Auto Refills, Pharmacy Delivery, or Refill Rx when you call Lincoln Pharmacy at 916-209-3618 today.

Pointers For The Safe Storage And Disposal Of Medicines

A lot of people store medications for their conditions, whether these are chronic diseases or just a one-time situation. Medicines have to be purchased in certain amounts to last the entire treatment plan. Here are top pointers in storing and disposing of these medicines properly and safely.

Generic Medicines: Why is it right for you?

Here’s an interesting thing about your recent prescription. There’s a good chance that what your doctor prescribed to you is a generic medicine. According to WebMD, approximately 80% of prescribed medicines available in a Retail Pharmacy in Lincoln California are generic drugs.

How to Control Your Cholesterol Level

Depending on how you manage your health, you will be glad to know that there’s a great chance for you to be in control of your cholesterol.

How to Know If Your Pharmacy Is a Good One

After visiting a physician’s clinic and having a prescription in your hand, the next thing to do, of course, is to go to a pharmacy to acquire the needed medication, medical supplies, or supplements. While you can go online and make a search on reliable pharmacies with good customer reviews, it’s always good to have that one pharmacy you can trust to be your partner when it comes to your maintenance medication and emergency over-the-counter drugs. Given that, though, how are you able to know if a pharmacy is efficient and reliable enough for your needs? Furthermore, how should you choose the Pharmacy in Lincoln California to become your go-to for your pharmaceutical and medical needs?