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Headline for Things to consider when selecting a university – For the most fulfilling college experience
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Things to consider when selecting a university – For the most fulfilling college experience

Attending a college or university to obtain a degree is still one of the most magical phases in life and many lucky students get to experience the ultimate college dream if they choose wisely.



Commuting long hours to college might not seem like a big deal at the beginning, but having to travel 3 to 4 hours on a daily basis can be daunting, especially during the finals or when closer to project submissions. Also, the location plays a big part when it comes to having recreational activities close by. Depending on your likes and needs, choose the college that is best for you. If you are living in the city, for instance, the CINEC Campus Sri Lanka is a good option that is accessible from most parts in and around Colombo.


Learning Style

Not everyone likes to sit in lecture halls for hours on the end; some of you might like a few extracurricular activities or even projects that take you outside the classroom. Take a look at the syllabus and course types offered and decide which style suits you best. If you are looking to enrol at a Maritime college, for example, see if they offer excursions to experience the real deal. Some students like lessons and exams while others prefer to go on the field and have practical exams that test their real-world skills and not just test their knowledge of the textbooks.



Every institution has a style and community, it's always good to try out new things and experience new cultures in life, but make sure you don't step out too far out your comfort zone, as you need to feel at home to be able to ask questions and learn with confidence too. Speak to former or current students about their life at college, and assess before you make your choice.


Financial Match

Finance plays a big part in picking colleges, as there is no point in joining a course that you might have to drop later in the year due to unavailability of cash. Money should not be the only deciding factor though, as you can obtain student loans and pay them back during the course of your career. Look at the opportunities and salary scale of the specific course you are planning on taking, and decide if the amount you are paying is really worth it. You might also find the same course at a lower fee structure in a smaller college or university.


Admission Process

The admission process in a college can tell you a lot about how your college life is going to be. If the university has a smooth process that is purely professional, and you have staff helping you out whenever you have issues, you know college is going to be a smoother ride than expected. Hazy admission processes are a red flag and it is best you avoid joining a college that still has not got its admission process in order.