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Updated by J.R. Williams on Feb 13, 2019
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12 Modern-Day Dating Terms You Need To Know!

If you are diving into today's dating pool, you need to know all of these dating terms from catfishing to ghosting!



Ghosting is when someone you're dating cuts off communication with you, usually because they don't want to date you anymore. They basically fall off the face of the earth.


Micro-Cheating is one of the newest dating terms. It refers to small, non-physical actions that demonstrate you are not committed to your relationship. For example, dressing up for a cute coworker when you normally don't dress up.


"Breadcrumbing" essentially means someone is stringing you along for their own pleasure.


Stashing is when someone you're dating keeps you all to themselves, not letting you meet his/her coworkers, family, and friends.


Yes, this is the same as the show "Catfish." This dating term refers to someone who pretends to be someone else in order to form an online relationship with someone.


Benching is when someone you're dating avoid meeting you in-person, and just texts/messages you every once in a while to check-in. They have you around in case they want to give the relationship another go.

The Cuffing Season

The Cuffing Season if right after Fall and before the dead of winter. It's when people are looking for someone just to snuggle with and keep them warm on the cold winter nights.


Cushioning refers to someone who is in a relationship or dating someone but keeps people on the side they flirt with and text often.

Catch and Release

Beware of those who catch and release. They start dating someone who they are highly interested in and suddenly bolt from the relationship with no explanation.

Slow Fade

The Slow Fade is less noticeable than some of these other dating terms. It's when someone you're dating slowly becomes less involved in your life until the point you break-up.


Zombieing is often mistaken as ghosting. However, zombieing is when someone your in a relationship with suddenly disappears and then reappears. Usually they can reappear back in your life with a text, call, or just a like on social media.

Netflix and Chill

The Netflix and Chill trend is still continuing. The phrase refers to hooking up with someone, but has been modernized with this label.