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Martial arts

We believe martial arts is a fantastic tool to develop the character of young people. Through our well designed programme students drastically improve their confidence, learn to focus and control their emotions in stressful situations, whilst also learning about the importance respect and good behaviour.

Taekwondo Martial Arts Club In Somerset

We are a small team of trainers passionate about martial arts and techniques like Taekwondo.we are planning for martial sports club in somerset,so that the students get chance to learn and perform well in competitions.

We want students to come to us with the passion to learn and leave with a huge increase in confidence, self control, respect, perseverance, and leadership as well as a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the martial arts.
We want students to come to us with the passion to learn and leave with a huge increase in confidence, self control, respect, perseverance, and leadership as well as a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the martial arts.

How To Become A Warrior

Art can be defined as the various types of human activities.
It creates visual and audio activities which express the author’s imaginative
or technical skill. 

Learn Martial arts For healthy Mind And fit body PowerPoint presentation

We are a small team of instructors, passionate about martial arts and it’s our mission to positively impact the lives of the students in our clubs

Martial Arts Classes in Salisbury and Chippenham | The Warrior Academy

Learn Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate, and MMA from the Children's Club near Amesbury, Wiltshire, Salisbury, Somerset, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Frome, and Bath. Head Instructor: Sebastian Bates. Book in a Call with us!

An Introduction to the Warrior Academy

Sports play a pivotal role in everyone’s life. It helps an individual to become physically and mentally fit as both physical and mental wellness is necessary to promote the overall good health of an…

Well-Designed Programs for Martial Arts

Health is an indispensable part of our lives. It is our prime duty to maintain a good health by leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is maintained through the consumption of a balanced diet and a regular workout.

Martial art Guide to Learn at The Warrior Academy

Martial arts, form of sports or skills originated from Japanese for self development, self defence and boost confidence.

Learn martial art in chippenham

Kickboxing need a perfect guidance and trainer in the starting period as it can cause terrific health conditioning if not done properly.

How to Prepare for Martial Arts Training

So you heard of Martial arts and want to start preparing for the self-defence? Read the benefits of including martial arts practices in your daily life.

How your child's community directly affects their development. - Warrior Academy

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

Why martial arts is important for girls

Most of us have seen many facts in our day to day life like kids get bullied in school, attack and robberies on train, misbehave with girls on the street etc. …

The Positive Effects of Martial Arts in Our Life

Martial arts are practiced mainly by individuals for self-improvisation. However, there is a modern style of martial arts which involves competitors to fight with an objective to win. This style is also known as mixed martial arts which involve tactics such as striking, finishing holds and control. The competitors make use of a variety of martial techniques such as punching, kicks, joint locks, chokes, takedowns and throws to gain the upper hand. Victory is generally achieved through knock-out or submissions. There are many martial arts academies and schools that train people for MMA in Amesbury.

Innumerable Benefits of Martial Arts – The Warrior Academy

Every person needs some source of recreation to reboot the energy and rejuvenate them. A person can involve themselves in various types of physical activities for recreation. Playing any sport is one such physical activity which helps in relaxing the mind as well as the soul of the person. Sports are an integral part of…

Nothing to fear but fear itself. - Warrior Academy

I’m trying to slow down my breathing, It’s 5 am and at this high altitude the air is cold, I take a big breath in and out. I can feel my body shaking, my knees literally moving forwards and backwards as I try to stand still here in the snow, trying to keep in control.  

Why We Do Martial Arts?

Martial arts are also the type of sport which is a form of self-defense. Practicing wiltshire martial arts helps in improving performance in various sphere of life.Get a free one month trial of martial arts.

Learn Taekwondo Techniques At Amesbury Martial Clubs

This taekwondo in Wiltshire is intended to test the warrior’s mental quality as much as their physical, stretching them as far as possible and past to empower development as a military craftsman and in character.

Martial Arts Classes for Children in Amesbury

When looking for children’s martial arts classes in Amesbury, we believe The Warrior Academy is the best choice for several reasons Reputation, Class Choice, Our Team, Our Founder, Exciting Syllabus, Our Methodology, Warrior Culture (Global Impact), Testimonials, Personal approach

Why are The Warrior Academy voted TOP 5 in the UK? 

There’s a lot of choice out there for parents when it comes to finding an excellent club for your child in Wiltshire, Somerset and Bath. We are proud to say we’ve been voted TOP 5 IN THE UK, not just for Martial arts… but in ALL activities for children aged 4 to 12 – What’s on 4 Kids Awards 2018.

Martial Arts Training For Kids in UK

There are various kids clubs in Amesbury that teaches them martial arts. The sport of martial arts instils various types of traits and values in the kids.

Comfort Zone: What's your comfort zone?

Looking back at where we have come with this particular child we can see a huge amount of growth from taking mini steps out of their comfort zone and into the optimal performance zone.

Arduous Training In Martial Arts

The training classes are popularly known as kickboxing Salisbury & Chippenham whose complete training information is provided online.

The Warrior Academy — Kids Martial Arts Training Club in Amesbury

Mental wellness and physical wellness contribute to best health. It is vital to ensure the overall fitness of the body so that the person can concentrate better on the work.

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Martial Arts helps to develop the character of young children's. It helps in improving the confidence and controlling emotions in tough situations as well as increase focus of your young ones.

Benefits Of Martial Arts And Kickboxing

martial arts help you to lead a healthy lifestyle by maintaining the adequate weight. It also gives you the supreme self-confidence which instills morals and values within a person. Moreover, it helps you to improve the focus and stillness.