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Uncover the impact of AI in the CPG business

Join the free Webinar: Uncover The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Consumer Goods and Related Industries - Acuvate. Register now:

Webinar: Uncover The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Consumer Goods and Related Industries - Acuvate

The disruption in AI and its related technologies led to several applications, use cases and automations for the modern digital enterprise. The fast-moving nature of the Consumer Goods and Retail industries demands organizations to swiftly adopt and leverage these advanced technologies to gain the competitive edge and stay relevant. This webinar will explore the practical applications of AI in the current industry scenario.

Top CPG Industry Trends 2019: Business, Technology & Analytics

Consumer Packaged Goods companies, or CPGs, exist in a dynamic market where today’s consumers have much higher expectations than their predecessors in terms of service as well as the quality of products. They know what they want and how to get it. With the rise of technology and especially social media, instant gratification lies at people’s fingertips, but so do a slew of reviews, ratings, and alternatives to just about every service imaginable if their needs aren’t met.

The 2 Major Causes of Out-of-Stock Situations & How to Prevent Them - Acuvate

Stockouts are consistently a dread for retailers and CPG companies. It isn’t just that they lead to lost sales, but they also increase operations costs and result in reduced customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers obviously feel rather annoyed and disappointed when they can’t find the item they’re looking for – this is a shopper emotion every retailer or CPG company works very hard to avoid.

5 Growth Strategies CPG companies should follow in 2019 and Beyond - Acuvate

The CPG or Consumer Packaged Goods industry is a massive one, globally. It also has a varied range of products in its purview, such as packaged foods to sanitary products to daily essentials. Reports indicate that the global consumer packaged goods sector is slated to be a USD 14 trillion industry by the year 2025.

Guide To Measuring And Improving Trade Promotion Effectiveness | eBook

In this guide, you will know the importance of effective trade promotions and learn how to measure trade promotion effectiveness, tactics and best practices

B2B Chatbots | B2B Sales Chatbots | B2B Marketing Chatbots

BotCore’s B2B chatbots enhance your sales and marketing operations, deliver an improved customer experience and generating more qualified leads.

Important Use Cases and Examples of Chatbots For The Retail Industry

Customer-facing industries have jumped on the chatbots bandwagon almost as soon as they arrived into the market. Chatbots for retail industry...

Delivering positive customer experiences has become critical for organizations to drive engagement, purchases, loyalty and retention. To this end, many enterprise leaders have deployed AI customer service technologies like chatbots for various use cases.

RPA Vs BPM: Differences Every Enterprise Leader Should Know - Acuvate

Business Process Management (BPM) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have been an integral part of organizations’ digital transformation...