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Headline for Top 5 Places to Visit in Chongqing – From Dams to Depictions of the Damned, Chongqing Has it All!
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Top 5 Places to Visit in Chongqing – From Dams to Depictions of the Damned, Chongqing Has it All!

Organising a trip to Chongqing? You'll find that this Chinese city has no shortage of interesting attractions for you to visit. Read on to learn about the top five!


White Emperor City

For a breath-taking birds-eye-view of the picturesque landscape, climb up Baidi, or 'White Emperor' Hill to reach White Emperor City. From the top, you can observe the scenic water bodies and mountains of the region. Pay a visit to the Baidi Cheng Temple, inside which, are many important relics from previous Chinese dynasties; such as coffin relics from the Han Dynasty and swords of bronze from the Zhou Dynasty.


Lesser Three Gorges

Are you a nature and wildlife enthusiast? If so, then make an excursion to the Lesser Three Gorges. You will see that it is made up of a trio of valleys which belong to the Daning River. The gorges are set amongst steep hilly inclines and lush forest; the latter of which is filled with wild animals. The three gorges that comprise this attraction are the Bawu, Dicui and Longmen Gorges. Their names roughly translate to the 'Misty', 'Emerald' and 'Dragon Gate' Gorges.


Fengdu Ghost City

If you want to experience a macabre sightseeing excursion, journey to Fengdu Ghost City. Most of the city was submerged owing to the construction of the 3 Gorges Dam. However, you can make a trip to a portion of the city which still exists behind the dam. Pay attention to the many statuettes and murals that depict demons and scenes from hell.


Huangjueping Graffiti Street

For a glimpse of the thriving local arts scene, head over to Huangjueping Graffiti Street. The graffiti stretches all the way from the railway hospital to the 501 Art Gallery. Spanning almost a mile long, Huanjueping Graffiti Street is the biggest stretch of graffiti artwork on the planet. A collaboration of close to a thousand students and painters created this work over a time period of around 5 months.


Chongqing Zoo

Travelling with the family? Take the kids to Chongqing Zoo. It located a half-an-hour's drive from Chongqing hotel apartments in the city such as the Somerset JieFangBei Chongqing. The zoo is home to around a thousand bird species and over two-hundred animal species. To see the highlight of the zoo, head over to the Panda Room. One of the best times to visit is in the morning between 08:30am and 10:30am, while the pandas are being fed.

At the Panda Room, you will be able to observe two different varieties of pandas. One is the well-known Giant Panda. The other, however, is a lesser-known and smaller species of the panda; which sports reddish fur and shares more resemblance to a house-cat than to its larger counterpart. The zoo also features many rare animal species such as the South China Tiger. When you get hungry or thirsty, take a break at one of the restaurants on the premises. For a change of pace, you can also go for a round or two of ice skating at the zoo's rink.