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Relationship & Dating Advice

Relationships require the lot of hard work, dedication, and understanding. Here you will get the professional relationship and dating advice from experts. Find the best resources and tools to solve your relationship issues.

Break-up Advice: What To Do and Not Do

A breakup is the most painful experience in life. Ending a relationship directly impact on your mind and body. It makes you feel heartbroken, lost and even can make us sick. Some people think everything has finished after the breakup. Now it depends on you how to handle this situation and move on. Although there is no magic formula to avoid this disgusting situation, these tips can help you overcome this condition and make you wiser and healthier person.

10 Ways to get Past Reocccurring Arguments

In a relationship, happening the arguments are common. No matter how two people love each other, arguments happen even on small things many times. There are some couple who argue but doesn’t stop talking while others argue and avoid talking each other. But the truth is that arguments hurt feelings and cause of disappointments. A relationship doesn’t work in such situations. Everyone wants only to love and attention from his partner. Unnecessary fights are unbearable. Here are the 10 ways to get past recurring arguments you can follow when the disagreement arises between you and your partner.

How to Budget Properly as a Newlywed Couple

Managing the budget can be difficult for a newlywed couple. After marriage, you need to care about the financial needs of your spouse also. Sometimes it becomes very hard to maintain the expenses and cause the argument for money. To avoid this situation, put a comprehensive budget together and make sure that you can achieve your financial goals. You need to work as a team to budget properly and take care of each other’s needs. Click to Read more about how to budget properly as a newlywed couple.

Relationship Advice: 25 Signs it’s Time to Move On

When two people enter into a relationship they don’t expect it to fail. They hope everything best and sees a good future with each other. But, some relationships do not work perfectly even the two people are perfect for each other. In that case, it becomes very difficult to know when to move on. Couple gets confused whether to stay in the relationship or end it. At Dawghoused, we did a research on such couples and identify these 25 signs when a couple should end their relationship and move on with their lives.

What to do When Your Friend is Addicted

We all use cigars or drinking alcohol on special occasions like birthday party, events and night out with friends. But, what if your friend is addicted and can’t live without these things. They are destroying their personal relationships and health also. As a friend, you should do something to get him out from this trouble before time has gone. It is hard to know what to do or say in such situation. Read these really helpful tips of Dawghoused to know what to do when your friend is addicted.

Dating Advice: Keeping Your Past in the Past

Some people come into our life like hurricanes and destroy everything. They don’t care about our feelings. They just play with them leave crying. The past experiences with this kind of people prevent us finding the happiness and trust someone again. Forgetting the past and let the things go is very difficult when it was a painful part of your life. But, if you do not try to overcome this type of situation your life will go worse. You can be a victim of diseases like depression and anxiety. So, keeping your past in the past and letting the things go is the only way to be happy again. Click to learn more about keeping your past in the past.

Marriage Advice: Signs Your Marriage is Failing

A marriage is a relationship between two persons that involves the sharing of feelings, thoughts, and desires. Every marriage has the problems and sometimes it becomes difficult to understand whether the problem is temporary or permanent. In such situation, a person gets confused how to move forward. But, if you know the signs of a failing marriage then you can rescue your relationship or decide that your marriage will work or not. Here are the strong signs your marriage is failing.

Dating Advice and Tips on Shacking Up with a Girlfriend

It has been a long time with your girlfriend and you are enjoying your relationship. You are perfect for each other and talking about marriage as the next step. If you are thinking to shack up with your girlfriend then take some dating advice from the experts like Dawghoused before proceeding. It will be better for both of you. Make sure you understand what you are going to do. Here are some things you must know before shacking up with your girlfriend.

What to Do When She Says Clean the House

If you are married or living with your girlfriend, it is usual that you will be told to clean the house. Most of the men are very bad in cleaning and it is a very difficult situation when your wife or girlfriend asks for cleaning. If you refuse, she will argue with you and that argument may turn into the fight. So, to avoid the fight, it is better to learn about the expectations of a woman when she asks you to clean the house. Find some tips to figure out what to do when she says clean the house.

Most Common Marital Issues and How to Avoid Them

Every marriage faces difficulties. Every person has the different personality and nature. Some issues occur when you share life with another person. Some people think divorce is the easy way to deal with all issues. But this is not a good solution because there are a lot of problems in married life that can be avoided and short out with an effective communication. To make your marriage successful, you need to make some efforts and meet the expectations of each other. Check out the most common marital issues and how to avoid them to make your relationship stronger.

When Your Friend Ditches You For A Girl

We all have the close friends and they manage their friendship and relationship very well. But, there is a friend in every group who can’t balance both things and starts ditching you for his girl and relationship. In a male friendship, always friends come first then a girlfriend. When a friend goes into a new romantic relationship, it makes two close friends apart and being ditched is really sucks. The bad thing is that you can’t approach your buddy about this because he might feel that you are jealous or petty.

A relationship needs a lot of time. If your friend spends more with his girlfriend than you, it is the sign that he is ditching you. Here are few key things you may consider to help save your friendship.

Deciphering Mixed Signals from a Girl

There is always a woman in everyone’s life that is flirty and warm with you at one moment while the next moment she is cool and stops replying to your messages. This is very confusing to figure out for a guy what she actually wants. There are many reasons behind when the women engage in a hot-cold behavior. Deciphering the mixed signals from a girl is not easy for the guys. Read out the simple reasons why women give mixed signals.

Best Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

Dawghoused provides ideas about the best gifts to give your loved ones on special occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. From the classics to the practical gifts we got you everything you need. Select from our huge collection of trusted, original, romantic and practical gifts.

Quiz: What Kind of Friend Are You? Are You a Real Bro?

Everyone has a different kind of friends. True friends always stand with you in every good and bad time and support to handle every situation. Do you want to know what kind of friend are you? Are you a real bro? If yes, then Dawghoused represents the fun, interesting and free personality quizzes to check your relationship with other.

Tips to Say Sorry to Your Partner

Saying sorry is a hard task to do even when we have made mistakes. But when your relationship comes into trouble a small sorry can resolve the problem and save your relationship. Read out the best tips to say sorry to your partner in this infographic.

Quiz: What is My Blind Spot as a Boss?

Bosses always have the better qualities than others. They guide a team on how to proceed for own growth and organization’s as well. But no one is perfect, everyone has some blind spot. Dawghoused offers a fun quiz to let you know your blind spot as a boss.

What to do When Dating a Single Mother

Are you searching for a single mother for dating? It is a little bit difficult because you need to win the heart of children also with mother. Read out what to do when dating a single mother. It will help you to start your relationship.

Quiz: Are You Ready to be a Parent?

If you are thinking to have a child, it is an important life decision and one should take it wisely. It is a big responsibility. So first you need to know if you are ready to have a child or not. Dawghoused offers a quiz with you can know you are ready to be a parent or not?

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Partner's Insecurities

Insecurities occur in every relationship. Sometimes, your partner has doubt on you and this may cause arguments in a relationship. Read out these 5 steps to getting rid of your partner’s insecurities.

Tips to Feel More Confident Talking to Women

It is difficult for a lot of men to feel confident when talking to women. No matters if they are confident in all other aspects of their lives. So it is necessary to understand what actually the “confidence” is. Dawghoused offers the best tips to feel more confident talking to women.