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Headline for Top Digital Marketing Blogs on Present Social Media & Marketing Trends
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Top Digital Marketing Blogs on Present Social Media & Marketing Trends

Complete collection of Digital marketing blogs on latest Social Media & online marketing trends. In this list, we have added informative blogs on Social media marketing, SEO, Digital marketing strategy and online marketing planning.

How does Influencer marketing work? - Ascent Brand Communications

Key individuals are identified, ranked according to the significance of influence and marketing activities are planned around the field of their influence . .

What Is A Customer Journey Map In Digital Marketing?

A Customer Journey Map is an extremely basic thought: a chart that represents the journey of your customer(s) experience right from their arrival point . .

Reinvent yourself with a Digital Revamp Strategy - Ascent Group India

A business, in order to be successful, should also be timeless. It should be flexible to adjust as per the waves of change and not get washed away with their arrival. As technology spreads its wings, it assists innovation and creativity across the sphere. Accepting these changes can aid the development of your business. It becomes the responsibility of the marketers to take initiative in order to ensure that the marketing strategies of a company withstand the test of time.

E-Mail Marketing Is Still Untapped As the Most Successful Personalized Medium

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all kind of emails. With digital media evolving on a daily basis,people want to avail personalized services. Modern . .

Why Is Digital Marketing A Panacea For Small Businesses?

The small business’ owners think that digital marketing requires budgets of the highest orders, however this is not true in any sense. All you need to do. .

8 Myths about Digital Marketing Busted - Ascent Brand

The more people talk about something, the faster the facts get twisted. Digital Marketing and its success has attracted a lot of eyes but. .

How Long Term Association Is Required For Digital Marketing Execution

When it comes to a long-term digital marketing plan, there are many nuances to con­sider. Firstly, you will have to make the definition of Social ROI. .


The game of chess can teach you many lessons but the most intriguing one can be learned through close observation of the King and Queen’s behavior on the board. The fort is ruled by the King but it is held up by the Queen’s efforts. While the King is considered to be of supreme importance, the queen holds it all together; her fall corresponds to his defeat. Something can be important because it is vital in nature but for it to be truly powerful, it needs to have control over the outcome.

Customer Experience Design Is a New Term to Learn For Digital Marketers

The customer experience is the ultimate driving factor behind a successful digital transformation and an organization’s cultural shift. .

10 Commandments for the New Age Digital Marketers

Every time you use Google search engine to for market research or to explore possible ideas, it validates the belief that digital brand marketing is the. .

Influencer Marketing Is Paramount for Most of the Industries

What is Influencer Marketing? As the literal meaning of the words suggests, using the influence of a key individual of the group to persuade the target. .

Why is content strategy a must for all businesses – Big or Small?

Here we would list down the top 3 reasons why all big and small businesses must say ‘yes’ to content strategy. . . Content is the King While it is important. .

A Right Go To Market Strategy Comes Out As The Success Mantra – Ascent Group India

One of the many reasons to use Go To Market Strategy is to ease the weight on the shoulders of the organization and therefore such an agency should be. .

Strategy should be the core of any brand campaign - Ascent Group India

Every month there are several brands popping up on the market and several locking the gates, the erraticism in the pattern is noteworthy. Why is it though that few names stick better than another?

Strategic Brand Agencies and the Retainership Model of Business

Strategic internet marketing is a commitment that cannot be summarized in a span of few months; it needs time to establish a brand and its digital presence.

Why Not Settle for Cheap Price Operators in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Intrinsically Offers More Values with Less Investment and That is why it is a Mistake to Engage Cheap Price Operators Who Produce Low-Quality Output.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses - Ascent Brand

Digital Marketing is the art and science of selling services and products on various digital networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. . .

Start-Ups Should Have a Perfect Go To Market Strategy – Ascent Group India

A comprehensive guide for start-ups to enable them to create a Go To Market Strategy that correlates your product to the market and essentially to potential customers.

Content Development and Marketing is the New Age Marketing Tool for a Marketer

Content is strategically created and distributed by the organization in order to attract potential customers and retain them in order to maximize profitability

Social Media Model for Start-ups and Small Businesses - Ascent Group India

Startups and new entrepreneurs started to look at their social media platform for less responsibility and cost.