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Updated by Brittany Davis on Apr 13, 2018
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Fairy Tale Board

This is a fairy tale board that I will be using for my hyperdoc lesson for my classroom

Interactives . Elements of a Story . Cinderella

Description - This website has pictures and audio to explain the story of Cinderella.
Rationale - I chose this website because this will help my audio learners hear and follow allow along with text. This website also other interactive parts that deal with different characteristics of a story.

Imaginative Writing: Writing a Fairytale

Description: This is an introduction to writing your own fairy tale.
Rationale: I believe this video works in my project because this gives students a good introduction to start writing their own fairy tale. I know as a student I would rather watch a video than listen to a lecture.

Copy of Copy of Fairy Tale Planning - Google Docs

Description: This is a sheet that students can use to write their own fairy tale.
Rationale: This is a good resource because once the students learn how a fairy tale is crafted, they can write their own. This gives them a place to write down their thoughts in an organized manner before they go on and make a FlipGrid of the story that they have created with a partner.

Description: This is a website that helps students who are maybe having trouble coming up with an idea to write about for their fairy tale.
Rationale: I like this because this gives struggling students a springboard to go off of if they need help coming up with an idea. This helps prompts the students.

Flipgrid | Ms. Davis' Classroom

Description: This is a video formatted website where students can create 90 second videos to explain topics or dissus what they know about a topic using an unique way of doing it.
Rationale: FlipGrid allows students to be create and make their own video. This is taking what they learned about different elements of fairy tales and letting them apply their knowledge (I also love that this adds a theatre element).

Hansel and Gretel

Description: This is a video of Hansel and Gretel being read.
Rationale: This gives students another style of reading instead of listening to me read at the front of the classroom. They can also follow along with the words easier. This is practicing listening skills.

Monica Bellucci Quotes | QuoteHD

Description: This is a picture of a quote about fairy tales.
Rationale: This quote explains that every fairy tale has a meaning about it. I believe this is true about everything we read. I love that fairy tales take us on an imaginary journey, but we can apply the lessons that were learned to our personal lives.

Fairy Tale Games |

Description: This is a website full of fairy tale games for kids.
Rationale: This could be an activity done after their big project is done. These are educational games that pertain to the subject, but are still fun for the students to do.

Different characters in fairy tales Vector | Free Download

Description: This is an image of stereotypical fairy tale characters.
Rationale: This image gives students an idea of typical fairy tale characters. This is a good visual piece to add in the hyperdoc.

Fairy Tale Picture

Description: This is a picture of main ideas and different aspects that someone will find in fairy tales.
Rationale - I love this image because it visual shows the different aspects that are involved in fairy tales. This will help my visual learners see and picture what are in fairy tales.