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Updated by The Audiology Clinic on Sep 20, 2019
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The Audiology Clinic

The Audiology Clinic is a private independent diagnostic audiology practice. The specialists at the audiology clinic provide prevention, assessment, and management of patients suffering from hearing, tinnitus, and balance (vertigo/dizziness) disorders.


Audiology Clinic in Dublin

Audiology clinic specializes in Audiology, hearing aids, hearing loss, hearing testing, balance assessment, vestibular rehabilitation, tinnitus, hyperacusis, microsuction, dizziness diagnosis & treatment and more in Dublin, Naas, Mallow, Limerick. Request an appointment today!

Medical Card Hearing Aid - The Audiology Clinic Dublin

A hearing aid is a mini electronic medical device specially designed to magnify the sound for an individual. Basically, a hearing aid is an electroacoustic device, not only restore your hearing to normal but also improve it significantly.

Effects of Hearing Loss - The Audiology Clinic

Untreated hearing loss can cause cognitive impairment. It can also affect your memory and decrease brain tissue volume. Dementia is associated with hearing problems

The latest Hearing Aids in Dublin, Limerick and Mallow

At the audiology clinic, all patients undergo a comprehensive diagnostic audiology assessment and based on the test result and diagnosis, if suitable then our patients are advised the right hearing aid in Dublin, Limerick and Mallow.

Extensive Range of Hearing Aids in Limerick, Dublin

Living in Limerick or Dublin and looking for Hearing Aids, hearing test, or microsuction ear wax removal by a professional audiologist? Then Dr Deepak Kumar is really an exceptional option for you. He is an expert in treating hearing disorders in adult and children, Tinnitus & Hyperacusis, Dizziness & Vertigo and Hearing Aid Prescription. Book your appointment now by visiting our website -

How Hearing Aids is effective in Hearing Loss! - The Audiology Clinic

Are you suffering from hearing loss and looking for** hearing aids**? Then, at Audiology Clinic Dublin, we provide a wide range of hearing aid styles and functions for the treatment of hearing loss

Overview of Dizziness and its Symptoms & Causes! - The Audiology Clinic

The constant dizziness symptoms can significantly affect your body in every life scenario. The symptoms may even become worse if there is a delay in the regular check-ups.

What is Tinnitus? Learn About Types, Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Tinnitus is common health condition that is experienced all over the world. Tinnitus can occur in one or both ears, range from very low to very high pitch, and may be continuous or intermittent. Learn more about Tinnitus including types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention here.

What is Tinnitus? Learn About Cure & Causes! - The Audiology Clinic

Tinnitus is not actually a disease, but a symptom that originates from a variety of different causes either by the nervous system or your brain.