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Bollywood Celebrities who Battled with Serious Health Diseases

Some people are so fond of Bollywood celebrities. We imagined that the life of these Bollywood celebs is full of Glamour. But you ever imagined their life has full of hardships too.we have a list of Indian celebrities who Battled with Serious Health Diseases and Recovered.In past, Salman Khan is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia in which affects the trigeminal nerve, which occurs sensation on your face, brain, teeth, jaws etc.

Hollywood Superstars who started career as porn star

The recent statistics show that around 70% young men and around 20% young women access and view adultery content on the internet at least once in a week. Though the porn industry is flourishing quite fast, many porn stars have left it and decided to try something new. We have a list of Hollywood celebrities who ones a porn star. One of the most famous Superstar Jackie Chan had worked in a comic-porn movie during the 70s.

Secret Love child of Aamir khan and jessica hines

Secret love child of aamir khan
We all know about the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan who has raised the bar of acting in the film industry. Whereas very few people know about Jessica Hines, she is a British journalist. They met on the set of Ghulam in 2005, Aamir Khan started falling for her and was glad to hear the same from her. As a result, they were in a live-in relationship.Soon after being in serious love Jessica discovered that she is pregnant.

Gorgeous Actresses of Bollywood who are chain smoker in real life

Bollywood Actress Chain Smokers
Most of the Indian cinema fans know which actors smoke, but most of them can’t even guess the names of Bollywood actresses who smoke. Some Bollywood actress not only smoke as well as some are chain smoker in real life.We have a list of those actresses if you are also one of those innocent Hindi Cinema fans.

Bollywood Celebrities who were born with silver spoon but not form filmy background

Bollywood Celebs and their non filmy roots

Bollywood is all about glamour and glitter but here we have a list of celebrities who are not born in the family background but were born with a silver spoon.Ranveer Singh is known for his dynamic acting but had no connection in Bollywood. Although he is born with a silver spoon as his father Jagjit Singh Bhavnani is a wealthy businessman.

Most Weird Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

We have list of 12 Bollywood Celebrities who have very weird habits we never knew about that .One of them is Salman Khan, he is a bizarre person who is choosy about fragrance. Yes, you heard it right? Our heartthrob Salman is –fond of soaps. He is a proud owner of his unique collection of soaps from across the globe. His favorite soap is the fruit extracted soap. From herbal to handmade, designer to exotic fragrance-he owns it all to be the best odor man in B-town.

Famous Bollywood Celebrity who married with costars

List of Bollywood Couples That Fell In Love On-Sets
We have the list of Celebrity and love story of couples that found their Mr.Right on the sets of Bollywood. One of them is Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza ,Cutest couple of Bollywood town met each other for the first time while shooting Tujhe Meri Kasam in 2003. They fell for each other and dated for nine years eventually tying a knot in 2012.

An attitude of Girls From Different States In Guru Randhawa's Song- Lagdi Lahore Di

Guru Randhawa Song- Lagdi Lahore Di describe a girls attitude reciting in various states based on their traits. A well-defined expression is portrait in this song describing girls attitude. Variation of the song is damn funny like when you flirt with girl and she says – ‘’Jutti dekhi hai meri ’ it means she is from Punjab. We created many variation of songs according to the States of india.

Hottest Bollywood Celebrities who never married are happily living single

We have list of Hottest Bollywood Celebrities that didn’t tie a knot and are happily living single. Let’s glimpse through the list to understand what leads them to be single or in generic terms unmarried Bollywood stars. Staying single is not at all bad moreover its something that should be acceptable for women as well. Salman Khan Is A Sure Thing, Any More Guesses??

7 Traditional Wedding Vows With A Twist Of 21st Century

New twist to Traditional Wedding Vows
With the changing era there comes a need for change in the mindset of people too. So to celebrate wedding even with more joy here comes a twist that is need of the hour. In the first Traditional Wedding Vows, the groom promises, “You will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide welfare and happiness to you and our children.” To this, the bride promises, “I am responsible for the home and all household, food and finance responsibilities.”But the Moerdon wedding vow is –We will together responsible for welfare, food , finance and household.Check out more .

Real life based Controversial Bollywood Movies that earned fame after being criticized

Bollywood Movies that Courted Controversies
We have list of movies that faced serious criticism and heated controversy but managed to hit the success flag. Padmaavat is a sure thing ,this film has been popular for its heated controversy, it went through a lot of hatred from Rajput Karni Sena. Despite the support of some states it still managed to be a 100 crore club movie.can You Guess Some More??

Top 10 Bollywood Movies which breaks all Previous Records of earning and Created New

The country of India has many entertainment Industries and probably this is why Bollywood has been so popular throughout. The Indian Culture of movies portrayed over ten years has just been one of the most popular things! With every passing year, Movies are breaking the record in earning and are creating a new History. We have 10 Bollywood Movies Which Booed the Previous Records and Created New.

10 Weird and Shocking Laws In India That Not Many Are Aware Of

Weird Laws In India
The Laws In India is always a smooth conduct in any organization which everyone has to abide. However, there are many more laws which we are unaware of. Many of them have not been talked about much and thus, they are not popular. However, there are many Laws In India which the people do not know much and are unaware of their rights. Under the Indian Sarias Act of 1867, a person can use the wash room or even ask for drinking water in the hotels without any charges and at any time of the day! Not even for themselves, but they can bring their pets too!

Why Was Salman Khan’s Loving Sister Arpita Khan Adopted

Arpita Khan Sharma, the most loved sister of the ‘Khaandaan’, is indeed loved by everyone in the B-town as well. We have always seen Salman Khan and his family shower love and care on this 28-year-old daughter. The entire fans of Bollywood admire them for being such a sweet family. Despite never being a part of Hindi Movies, she has been a popular name in the entire B-Town. She has always been the talk of the town for all the reasons as she is the closest to all her brothers. But, why was she adopted? Find out The Real Reason Why Was Salman Khan’s Loving Sister Arpita Khan Adopted with the story of her life.

First Indian Woman To Fight WWE Matches In Salwar Kurta

Are you a vivid fan of the WWE? Do you remember all the names of your favorite WWE stars whom you used to watch winning matches? Today, there is something certainly aspiring for you. Yes, Kavita Devi, the super woman from India is the first ever Indian Woman to Fight WWE Matches in Salwar-Kurta. What is even more fascinating is her choice of dresses as she kept the tradition of the country alive in full desi style.

13 Most Funniest Double Meaning Songs of Bollywood

What reaction do you give when you are buzzing around with your friends, and someone pops out saying double meaning words? What reactions do you give when you watch a movie with your family which has extreme double meaning words? Well! A lot of lyricists in Bollywood might have just worked hard to put a great effort in songs, but have ended up in making a roast of comedy out of it. There are certain songs which we love to hear, but with their double meaning standards, it can be really awkward to hear them in front of everyone. We have list of 13 Funniest Double Meaning Songs of Bollywood You Should Listen Once.

Top 10 Billionaires and their Interesting Love Stories

We have often heard about a saying “Behind every Successful Man, There is a Woman”! Yes, these are so true just like the Love Stories of the Billionaires all around the World. The love story of rich people is always interesting because we know more about their professional career and their companions. It is always interesting to see, how these Billionaires have not only been successful in making their career go big and at the same time, found their soulmate too.please do check how these 10 billionaires met the love of their life and finally got married.

Top 10 World’s Best Cricketers Luxurious Homes

Everybody say that Cricket is a very technical game, but once you succeed in it, there is only one word that comes up- Money! With billions of dollars spent every year on the Game of Cricket; some of the famous Cricketers all over the world also have their fancy lifestyle. Some of them show it with their esteemed house while some of them show their wonderful collection of cars and bikes. Well! We have some of the Luxurious Homes of Cricketers Which Will Make You Feel Stunned.

Dimple Girl Deepika Padukone And Her Long List Of Love Affairs

Her eternal beauty and continuous back to back hit movies has not only increased her demand in Bollywood but also in Hollywood too. This has increased her fan following also. But do you know, that she has a long list of love affairs, one of them has started before her enterance in Film industry. We have long list of love affairs to whom she was dating from last few years.
must check out - Deepika Padukone And Her Long List Of Love Affairs

List Of Indian Cricketers Who Went from Zero to Hero

We all saw the Untold Story of M.S Dhoni and how the Battled his way to Glory! India is very emotional about Cricket and so are the life changing stories of some cricketers who battled their poverty to make it big. We have list including Jadeja, Sehwag and Eight Other Cricketers Who Went from Zero to Hero.

Shocking side of Bollywood celebrities and their Drug Addiction

Bollywood’s shiny and glamor side also has its own dark side that people who have been in it know well. Making headlines from their extra marital affairs to a drug abuse, Bollywood has many dark and ugly truths that are always kept under the carpet. Many Bollywood celebrities have lost their life and career due to their drug addiction. Later, came forward and confessed and opened about their drug addiction and there are stories that are still unspoken. The shocking side of Bollywood celebrities and their drug tales will make you bit your nails hard.Please do check.

First Salary Of Bollywood Celebrities and How They Spent It will Shock You

Receiving the First Salary is always a very special moment for anyone to celebrate. It not only includes the endless Joy but also includes the emotion to work harder! Our Bollywood stars might earn in Crores now, but their first salaries will shock you. Aamir Khan received the first check of INR. 1000! Aamir Khan first earned this check as an Assistant Director and then decided to hand it over to his mother.Must Check out First Salary Of Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood Celebrities who owns Luxurious Private Jets

Bollywood celebrities’ lives are dream life of many. Luxurious house, cars, high-class lifestyle and the list goes on. Celebs that charge crores for their projects and have a bank balance of 100s of crores. Celebrities travel abroad for their movie projects and then do you think they’ll waste their time in standing in the queues at the airport when they can be the owner of their own ‘Luxurious’ private jets.We are talking about your favorite Bollywood stars that own and travel in their lavish private jets. These Bollywood Celebrities and their Luxurious private Jets will make you feel jealous about them.

Bollywood celebrities who have undergone hair transformation

There are many Bollywood celebrities who have made headlines due to their sudden transformation in looks. Not only a facial transformation but also they go under hair transformation. Their looks and appearance should be always flawless and perfect for their dazzling career. But seldom ages or health issue comes between their career and their personality due to which they undergo with the artificial surgery.Let us have a look at these Bollywood celebrities who have undergone hair transformation that brought a drastic change in their personality from ‘bald to hairy’.

10 Richest Bollywood actors & Their Net Worth Will Surprise You!!

Being in Bollywood Movies is certainly a dream comes true for young actors and seeing the Net Worth of their idols will certainly surprise everyone together! There are indeed a lot of Actors who hunt down in the list of the Top 10 richest Bollywood actors, but their income is definitely a worth to watch. we present to you the richest Bollywood actors in the world 2017!

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