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Bridge Building Project

What Makes Bridges So Strong?

This video shows the different shapes of bridges and gives great visual about the parts of a bridge.
I chose this video because it is great for visual learners, that way they can better grasp how to make a bridge strong.

Sketchpad 5.1 - Draw, Create, Share!

Sketchpad is used to create sketches using numerous types of drawing tools.
I chose this drawing app because it has a lot of different was for students to draw their first model of the bridge.

Cargo Bridge - | Games & Puzzles

The goal of this game is to get the man across the big gap by creating a bridge.
I chose this game, because it an expense cost on building the bridge, so students have to think of ways to modify their bridge without overspending.

Flipgrid | Our Classroom

Flipgrid is a short video creator that allows students to put their videos on a classroom grid for all (in the class) to see.
I chose this video making app because I think it will be easy for students to send a quick update about their bridge through a short video. Plus, videoing makes shy students more comfortable than talking in front of the class.

NASA for Kids: Intro to Engineering - National Geographic Society

This is a website that describes what engineers do and the design process that students will need to go through while creating their bridge.
I chose this website, because it's very interactive in describing the design process. It also explains what students should do if their project doesn't go as planned.

Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder - Chrome Web Store

Screencastify records what is on the computer screen, while allowing students to record their voices over it.
I chose this app, because students can record their voices to explain their thinking while designing their bridge drawing.

Bridges | Free Lesson Plans | Teachers

This is a teacher plan that includes information about conducting a bridge made out of straws project.
I chose this resources because it offers vocab students will need to know regarding bridges and good discussion questions to ask students. Although it doesn't use all the same materials my students are using, it has a lot of helpful things to remember as a teacher.

The Suspension Bridge | HowStuffWorks

This article discusses how bridges work, based off their materials, shape, and certain construction patterns.
I chose this article because it will be more helpful students who think more scientifically and mathematically to read this, rather than watch a video.

NOVA - Official Website | Build a Bridge | Do Your Homework

This website shows different examples of bridges, plus gives easy experiments to demonstrate how those bridges work.
I chose this website, because I think it would be great for students who feel a little stuck or overwhelmed with the bridge building. It discusses each type of bridge and shows demonstrations, which could help learners see or do it the demonstration to help them understand what type of bridge they want.

Engage students with interactive images and videos — thinglink

Thinglink is an interactive photo that allows parts of the photo to send the user to different links.
I chose this app because students could take a picture of their bridge and link all the different resources and steps they used to create their bridge. They could link their flipgrids, their model they drew, and how well it held up in the end. This could hold all their work on one website.