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VoIP Switch Benefits

Over traditional phone system, VoIP has become very much popular for its various useful benefits. Enjoy the useful benefits of VoIP switch.


Call Cost Reduction

The lower cost of calls on VoIP systems over traditional PSTN networks is the first advantage people think of when switching to a VoIP based system.



An integrated infrastructure that supports ALL forms of communication allows more standardization of equipment and a single cabling infrastructure. This leads to a further overall fall in operational costs.



It is easy to alter, upgrade and maintain as a VoIP system is based on software rather than hardware. VoIP allows you to safely set up a fully functioning office anywhere a broadband connection is available including the home office and telecommuters. Combining a VPN to your VoIP prevents unauthorized access to your system alleviating security concerns.



Traditional telephone systems are difficult to expand or upgrade, it is easy to outgrow your current system and you may need to replace hardware or, even replace your entire system. VoIP systems, however, are easy to upgrade in line with your company as it grows, as your needs change your VoIP system can adapt easily to your changing telecommunications requirements.



Although telephones and fax are the early applications of VoIP, with the development of technology, long-term revenue is likely to come from multimedia and multi-service applications. Videophones, for example, will bring a new dimension to corporate communication, where visual contact with clients is important.


Easy Installation

Using VoIP switch, VoIP systems can operate side-by-side with the existing telecommunication system. Companies can, therefore, phase the introduction of VoIP to one part of the enterprise (e.g. the call center); this will ensure a smooth transition to VoIP, minimize disruption and spread costs.


Employees' Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go

Employees can be tracked where at any time.