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Curated Lesson Resource


CIA Library

What: The CIA Library is a resource that students can use to look up geographical features of every country in the world.
Rationale: This resource is good to use because its black and white in regards to simpleness and its credible because it is the CIA.


National Geographic Map (

What: This resources is another map resource that allows students to find geographical features of every country.
Rationale: This resources if easy to access and extremely simple where students can find information.

Geography Lesson

What: This is a short and fun video that gives students an idea of specific countries and where they are located.
Rationale: This video is quite humerus and attention grabbing so it would be great to use at the beginning of the lesson and for students to go back to.

7 Continents of the World - Geography for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

What: This resource is a video resource by Mocomikids which covers the 7 continents and facts about each one and all the surrounding water bodies.
Rationale: This video is very detailed and informative. It gives all the students straight facts and gives extra information that is interesting and will keep the students attentive.

World Geography (in six minutes) - Sanger Academy

What: This resource is another video that covers the continents, major oceans/water bodies, countries and their capitals and major geographical features in the countries and this video is by Larry Sanger
Rationale: This resource is good because it is also informative and extremely detailed not leaving out important facts.

Africa - Geography Maps -Map Game

What: This resource is sheppardsoftware that students can use as tutorial to learn countries and there locations with their capitals. This software also can be played as a game which is enjoyable for the students
Rationale: This resource is extremely simple and honestly will be the most appealing to the students because it has interactive learning games which the students will enjoy.

Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made ...

What: This is resource is a John F. Kennedy quote about geography and history
Rationale: I believe this quote will bring a realization to my student in how important geography is and how it has resulted in moving and changing of economies and history.

Learn geography of the world. Education website for Free resource for teaching geography: world educational games and...

What: This resource is another interactive game but I specifically linked the section where it focuses on Rivers, Lakes, Mountains and Volcanoes (mainly physical features rather than countries themselves).
Rationale: It is another good game resource that makes learning fun for the students and with this specific resource we can focus on physical features of the world.

What: This is a virtual tour resource which the students can pick from a variety of physical features in different countries and around the world and do a virtual tour.
Rationale: It is another simple source which does not ask for personal information to use. This resource will also be great because its different from everything else we are using which will appeal to students.

History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and...

What: This resource is just another quote by John Henrik Clarke.
Rationale: This quote is just another one of many that explains how important geography but mainly history and how it influences everything we do.