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FSSAI License — Why Do You Need Professional Help

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license is needed if you want to get involved into a food business.

List of Legal Documents before Starting a Startup in India - FssaiFoodLicense

However, all these things are essential to Start a Business in India, but the most important one is Startup Documents. Yes, without submitting a few startup business documents, you may not be able to run your firm legally in India.


FSSAI License — Why Do You Need Professional Help

FSSAI License — Why Do You Need Professional Help

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license is needed if you want to get involved into a food business. Whether it is about starting a restaurant or food manufacturing unit, you always first need to grab FSSAI license. Now, the question arises here how to grab a 14-digit license or registration number? Can I get it online? Is it possible to grab it without professional help? If you are also dealing with aforementioned questions, you need to determine that availing services of a professional needed. Why? So, let’s find out the answer below.

Complicated Rules and Regulations
If you don’t want to struggle with complicated rules and regulations while Applying for** FSSAI license,** you need to look for a professional help. It is often seen that many business owners find it difficult to deal with legal procedure. There is no doubt that going through a legal procedure needs lots of time. Obviously, being an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to struggle with legal complexities. Therefore, you need someone who can get the food license issued or approved for you. It is certainly the biggest reason behind availing services of a professional to get a food license approved.

Can You Evaluate Legal License Requirements of Your Food Business?
It is usually found that most of the common food business owners don’t have idea about the aforementioned question. They find it really a hard nut to crack when it comes to evaluating the legal license requirements for their food business. If you are also among such business owners, you need to look for professional assistance. One of the key advantages of availing services of a professional is that you can easily eliminate the legal trap of analyzing your business. The professional you hire can easily evaluate the legal license requirements of your food business. He can help and guide you on how to apply for FSSAI registration online.

Do You Want to Save Your Time?
Without any doubt, your answer to above asked question would be a big yes. Since going through a government process can be a very hectic and time taking option, you won’t like to waste your lots of time into the same. But you aren’t supposed to start a food business even without grabbing food business license. Now what should be done to get rid of such a situation? The simplest answer to this question is to look for a professional assistance. Yes, by availing services of a legal license expert, you can easily be able to save your time on applying for FSSAI license online.

FSSAI License Registration and Renewal Process
If you are assuming that by getting your food license registered, you don’t need to go through the same process again, you need to alter your existing perception. You should understand the fact that you still need to go through the same process after a certain period of time. Yes, we are talking about FSSAI license renewal. If you want to run your food business hurdle-free, you must Get your FSSAI license renewal as soon as possible.

Why is FSSAI License a boon for Food Industry and Consumers?

FSSAI License Registration has come out as a boon for both the consumers and food industry. The reason behind this is there are countless Benefits of FSSAI Food License for both parties.

Opening a Food Truck-Here is a complete guide

Food truck business is booming in India. It is now getting famous as pop-up-restaurants in India as well. Starting a food truck business requires low investment but gives high profit margins too. Find all the necessary things one should know to start food truck business.

Import and Export of Food Products-An overview of Licenses and Registrations Required

This Article covers the information about licenses and registrations required to start an import export business in India. At each step, various documents are needed to be submitted to the concerned authorities. Here is a list of licenses and registrations required to start the Import and Export Business legally in India.

The Revolution of Food Safety Act

Food safety act came into existence to ensure the delivery of safe food to the consumers. This act is regulated by FSSAI, and it applies to the whole of India. In recent times some changes have been done in food and safety act to maintain the quality and protect consumer’s.

APEDA-An overview

As a food business operator in India has to follow the regulations of APEDA. As all exporters require Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) in order to carry on export operations for food products in India, it is also essential in terms of the assistance the Government provides to the exporters of the country.

Central FSSAI License-Eligibility and Process

A food business operator needs to check eligibility in order to apply Central FSSAI License. Along with this there is a list of documents that are needed to be duly filled for applying Central FSSAI License. This license is mandatory for large scale food manufacturers and business with a turnover of above 20 crore.

Food License Registration is now online-Need FSSAI License Consultant

Food License Registration is necessary for all who are operating in the food industry. It includes wholesalers, manufacturers, traders, suppliers, re-packers and many more. Food License type depends upon the annual turnover and various other factors related to Food business.

Different types of FSSAI Licences and Registrations

FSSAI lists three categories for Food Business Operators – Basic license, state license and central license. The food business operator needs to apply for Food License or Registration depending upon the size, nature of the business and the annual turnover.

Food Safety and Hygiene Norms in India

A food business operator must follow food and safety guidelines to ensure food hygiene and sanitation norms in India. It is important for any food establishment dealing in the manufacture, procurement, process, package, and distribution of food articles to adhere to Food Safety and Standards (Licensing & Registration of Food Business) Regulations, 2011, in order to receive a license and maintain it. For this purpose, every food handler must follow Food Hygiene Rules.

Start your Food Business now

Starting a Food Business ? unaware about the compliance and License Requirements? Get all the information and details about FSSAI Licensing and Registration. Also get to know about the new age ideas about the food Industry.

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FSSAI Penalty Structure: an Overview

A food business operator is liable to provide safe food to its customers. Heavy Penalties are imposed by FSSAI for not following the food safety standards.

Food Business Compliances - A FSSAI Perspective

To run a business smoothly, food businesses need to follow various FSSAI Legal Compliances. At each step, FSSAI ensures the safety of Food produced & sold in India.

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