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Website Technology

Researching on new technology that could help to enhance software functionalities. Keeps eye on the latest happening in the software industry to remain updated with the current market trends.


Evolution of the World Wide Web From Web 1.0 to Web 5.0

Everyone know “www” stands for the World Wide Web which is a part of the internet, but very few people know its journey from Web 1.0 to Web 5.0 and its difference. World Wide Web was first developed in 1989-1990 by a scientist named Tim Berners-Lee and people were able to see the first web page on the internet by the end of 1990. And web 1.0 started The journey from 1990 to 2000 which is read-only web. Now web developer builds interactive webs with the latest technology. Check out all versions of web and its difference.


Numbers Of Years It Took For Each Product To Gain 50 Million Users.

Numbers Of Years It Took For Each Product To Gain 50 Million Users.

Augmented Reality is changing how we interact with the World around us. Pokemon Go, a mobile game uses the AR and it gain 50 million users just in 19 Days.
According to a research report, the AR/VR market will expand to $150 Billion by 2020 with share of AR to be $83 Billion.

Right now there are more than 300 million monthly users who generate content using AR apps. By the end of this year i.e 2018, the users of AR apps would exceed 200 million.
Mobile app developers are including AR according to the requirement of different Industry.
Want to learn more about augmented reality and how it affects the mobile app development...


What are the Key Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile App?

What are the Key Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile App?

What are the Key Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile App?
You should know the inner requirements to get success & key tips in running mobile app for your business, also it is important that you select the best mobile app development services to build your business mobile application.


List of improvements in the all new Microsoft .NET Framework

List of improvements in the all new Microsoft .NET Framework

List of improvements in the all new Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft has always been quite popular and adding new features, one can build unlimited number of web apps and websites in a hassle-free manner by taking help of a .NET development company.

What is augmented reality and how it affects the mobile app development

Augmented Reality is growing very fast & giving the new concept to mobile app development. Basically AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Learn more about AR at slideshare ppt.

Ways Your Business can Benefit from Having an iOS Mobile App

Smartphones have become extremely popular & has huge numbers of users and use application for perform different tasks, shopping etc. iOS mobile Application is very important tool for business to gain more users and revenue.

Why custom software development is the key to success? by Judi T.

We are using Internet to present our business stuff in different ways & there are e-commerce, music, business etc websites present. A Template theme design can't fit into the different requirement. Custom software development company can provide you the solution according to your Industry niche.

Importance of Front-End in Web Design and Development

Proper design layout help the gain users and nowadays website represent the Brand or business. Front end developer and designer make the website appealing good with proper structure. Check out the Importance of Front-End in Web Design and Development.

Logistics software: Real factor behind successful e-commerce

Logistics software play a great role in ecommerce business and there are huge benefits of having logistics software for business like- Keep deadly errors at bay, quick fare calculations, tracking and many more...

Top reasons why PHP 7 is a revolution in PHP Programming?

One of the most dynamic and probably the most loved by all the web developers around the world, PHP (Released in 1995) - a versatile and flexible server-side programming language allowing the developers to create innovative and unique web applications through PHP application development. Know the PHP 7 revolutionary update...

Web and App Development: How to Replace “Alexa” with “Ok Google” in Amazon Fire?

With every new update in the iOS version every time, the iPhone users’ choice changes and thus, it affects the way the apps are built by an...

How Custom Software Development can Help to Improve Your Website’s UX?

It is very hard to impress someone in 5 second, if you don't have a attractive & properly functional UX, then you should take help form Custom Software Development to fix this issue and keep getting visitors. Custom software developers use the latest cutting edge technology while building your website and also implement the latest trends in the market into your website’s functionality.

Reasons to hire Android app developers for small business app development?

When a small business owner thinks of promoting and marketing his business, the first thing that people start suggesting is “Get an Android app built for business”! He may feel confused and tempted at the same time. Confused, because he may not be yet familiar with the ultimate popularity of Android app development and tempted, because he really wants to take his business to the next level possible.

Benefits of customized .NET Application Development Services

Website are the main tool for for promotion of brand and mark presence in the market. Custom .net development is the best for creating and managing the brand website, but why? Check out the answer & benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Laravel in PHP Application Development

PHP has mostly used a server-side programming language and its a favorite of huge numbers of the developer. Laravel is the important framework for PHP Application Development. 35,231 stars on GitHub is a proof reliable enough to prove the efficiency and agility of this framework. There are many numbers of benefits of PHP Laravel is endless.


How AR and VR Can Change the Landscape Mobile App Development

How AR and VR Can Change the Landscape Mobile App Development

Mobile app development trends is keep changes and improving day by day. Now AR & VR is getting in top trending by expending to different industry. AR & VR are amazing technology and enhancing the mobile development plus interaction. Check out How AR and VR Can Change the Landscape Mobile App Development


Google I/O 2018: Android P Features That Will Define the Future

Google I/O 2018: Android P Features That Will Define the Future

Google announce many new updated in I/O 2018. Google talked about Android P the new Android OS which include many new features. Google has not announced its proper name yet while its beta version is now available for some phones. Check out the new features...

Top Software Development Trends for 2018

Software development trend always keep changes to improve & include more features. Custom software development solution is required according to business niche.

Telltale Signs of Poor Code Quality in Software Development - DZone Agile

In Software development coding is the main thing & poor code quality in software is like a demon, check out the code problems and how to overcame them.


Tips For Android App Development Every Developer Should Know

Tips For Android App Development Every Developer Should Know

Android is open source & widely used mobile operating system & there is android apps for every one to perform the different tasks, I have shared the top tips which can help you to built a high standard application. Check out Tips For Android App Development Every Developer Should Know

iOS Application Development Trends for 2018

Accelerate your business by latest cutting edge technologies and trends in iOS mobile application development which can shape the future.

10 topmost reasons to prefer android platform over others by Xicom - Issuu

Smartphone is the best gadget, Android OS is widely used to operate smartphone. Here are the top 10 reasons why Android is widely platform over others.

All Things about Google Kotlin Android Developers Should Know |authorSTREAM

Everyone knows Kotlin got Google support for android development, but there are many other points which android developer should know like, it it free, how it will help, is it hard to learn and more... Check out points in slide....

Hire mobile developers to Spruce up your business idea with a pro tracking app | Xicom

To grow business, we need to make Brand presence on Internet as well as smartphone for that hire mobile app developers and get your business app. You can use GPS in your app with many interactive ways.

Why Millions of Developers use JavaScript for Web Application Development?

Over the past 20 years or so since when JavaScript was released, it has become the most popular programming language for web development today. You can understand the importance of JavaScript as a web development language from the fact that as per the recent reports, JavaScript is currently being used by more than 94 percent of all the websites.

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