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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Beach wedding tips you should know – Wedding Vows on the Sand

Whether you are merely a guest at a beach wedding or the host, there are some dos and don'ts that can actually make a difference. The list isn't exhaustive but gives a great head start to think.


Immaculate Timing

If it is a destination wedding at the golden fringe of honeymoon resorts in Maldives or a similar location where the temperatures can rise to the thirties or so, opting for an afternoon beach wedding is a being daring. The sun can really wear people out and hamper the proceedings as guests suffer sunstroke and have to keep fanning themselves throughout the ceremony. As the sun sets would be a suitable time as the heat wave reduces and the setting sun creates a beautiful natural backdrop.


The Food and Drink

Select the dishes wisely such that your guests can actually enjoy the cuisine without ruining their clothes or sweating down the sides of their face while having their meal. As a guest, be particular about what you serve and get the wait staff to replenish your cold drinks or glasses of water to remain vibrant throughout the ceremony. The food should also reflect the culture and the eating habits of the locals as they would be maestros at concocting suitable food items for the occasion. Be mindful of the type of wedding cake and desserts you choose to avoid them melting or losing shape.


Sporting the Beachy Look

If your dream is to be in a crisp suit or flowing ball gown that reaches the ground, a beach wedding is probably not your best bet. In this day and age with marital celebrations taking place quite often at hotels such as the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo by the beach, it is becoming increasingly acceptable to be casual even on your wedding day. What's more, tailors have become innovative and have ranges of linen suits and cotton shirts for men while the seamstresses weave crepe dresses for ladies. Avoid stilettos or heels of any kind as they would keep sinking into the sand and keep the makeup to a bare minimum. The gents could opt out of the jacket and tie and keep their colours vibrant to look dressy.


Consider a Tent

It is a tad too risky to expect the weather to be favourable throughout the day; hence it is prudent to rent a tent and have it up before the proceedings start. It could be the hot rays of the sun, some unexpected dew or even drops of rain that you could be safeguarding yourself from by having a tent. In tropical countries such as the Maldives and Sri Lanka, this is particularly noteworthy as the weather changes drastically towards the evening.


The Deco and Flowers

The mood for the entire occasion is set by the decorations and flowers chosen by the bride and groom. As important as it is for these to reflect what the two of you behold as beautiful, it is equally important for the decorations and flowers to remain intact until you bid adieu to your guests. Consult a professional decorator to find out what would be the most suitable for your dream day.