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What to pack for a Malè City Tour – Hitting the Streets of Malè

Everyone plans for their dream tour to the Maldives, yet many ignore the preparation needed for the one or two days spent in the city of Malè; this read should help you prepare for the city stop.


Conservative Clothing

Unlike the Maldives islands resorts where one has enough privacy and liberty to trot around in minimal clothing suited for fiercely sunny days, the predominantly Islamic community does not look kindly towards foreigners who traipse through their city streets in skimpy clothing. One can dress casually, but should always ensure that the attire is not revealing in any way or form. This is in stark contrast to everything else that goes into your suitcase for a Maldivian holiday, however, do be prepared if you plan to spend a day or so in the city. Have a shawl or a light jacket in your bag at all times to throw over your shoulders if you feel that your attire for the day is drawing looks of disbelief from the locals.


Sunscreen and Protective Gear

The sun seems to work overtime in the tropics and if you were planning to take your sunscreen and large sun hat out only when you reach your holiday destination such as the Adaaran Club Rannalhi; think again. The city of Malè is as warm and sultry as the rest of the country; in fact, it is probably warmer, thus being better prepared when stepping outdoors will help you enjoy your day better. One could seriously consider including an umbrella into the protective gear while a pair of sunglasses is an absolute must.


Sensible Footwear

The streets are narrow and the main island is tiny, hence most journeys do not warrant taking a taxi. This essentially means that tourists need to reach most places by foot and it is no mean task to be walking around in uncomfortable shoes. While flip-flops work perfectly well for the resorts, a sensible pair of walking shoes would be best for the city. Sports shoes might be a bit of a stretch as you are likely to sweat quite a bit due to the weather and the prolonged walks. A pair that easily comes off when you take a break and one that does not require socks would be ideal. When tourists see the congestion created by motorbikes they thank their lucky stars for choosing to walk instead of getting a ride.


Sources of Hydration

Since you will be sweating even beyond the time the sun sets, it is important to keep taking plenty of liquids throughout the day. The Maldives has little or no natural source of drinkable water and it is mandatory to carry a bottle of clean water with you at all times. They can be purchased from the stores or should be sourced from the hotel and carried around. Keeping one's skin hydrated is just as important; therefore, carry a small rub on body cream to help reduce any itchiness and dryness, avoid scaling of the skin and red marks that appear on the skin as a result of the harsh weather conditions.