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Amity Home Care is a trusted provider of home care services in Orange, Connecticut. We have set a higher standard in our care by observing a comprehensive approach in our services so we can tap into the different needs of our clients in all aspects.

Tips for Taking Care of a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a serious condition of the mind that can cause memory loss and impaired cognitive ability. If untreated, it could quickly progress and become terminal, leaving the sufferer without the ability to do even the most basic functions such as driving a car or cooking. It can be devastating to find out that a loved one has Alzheimer’s, but it is possible to treat it and slow down its progression so your loved one can continue living a satisfying and independent lifestyle.

How Can You Prevent Dementia?

Dementia is a condition that is yet to have a cure but can be prevented to a certain extent through some simple and healthy lifestyle changes. These changes will make a minimal impact on your life but it can have a huge benefit on your mental health and in reducing your risk for dementia. Here are a few effective ways to keep dementia at bay in your golden years:

6 Smart Tactics to Try When Feeding Dementia Patients

Feeding dementia patients are somehow challenging because of their mental stability. There are times that they are like obedient little kids. However, there are days that they seem to be rebellious and very moody. This is where they can really test the lengths of your patience.

Helping Diabetic Patients Live Better Each Day – 6 Tips to Remember

Diabetes is a generalized term used to describe a bunch of metabolic diseases that involves glucose and blood sugar level. As a result of which, the entire body system may no longer function healthily. Later on, other major organs (like the liver) may suffer abnormalities as well.

3 Tips: How to Exercise Effectively as a Senior Citizen

When you are at an advanced age, there are a number of aspects that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to your health.

4 Key Benefits of a Nutritious Diet to Maintain Your Youth

One of the best ways to maintain your independence and youth is through a balanced and nutritional diet.

How to Avoid Scams That Target Your Senior Loved Ones

Every day, more and more individuals reach their senior years. The population of baby boomers is on the rise.

Promoting Online Safety to Your Aging Loved Ones

For many, the Internet has offered conveniences that were not possible before. Most online services today require the use of passwords.

Ensuring Your Aging Parents' Convenience And Safety While Using The Bathroom

A bathroom is a place that your senior loved ones should be careful when using. We should be proactive in ensuring their convenience and safety when they are inside. Along with employing Home Care in Orange, Connecticut, you can also do the following:

Planning Meals For Seniors: 7 Things You Should Take Note Of

At times, aging people will experience difficulties in preparing meals of their own. Due to the hassle, they may end up consuming instant and processed foods which are often unhealthy.

Planning meals for your senior loved ones will help lead them away from such road. While Home Care in Orange Connecticut includes meal planning services, you can also do your part in helping them out. Here are 7 things you should take note of when planning your seniors' meals.

Staying Safe Online: How Your Elderly Can Avoid Internet Scams

Because our elderly loved ones come from a greatly different generation from us, many of them are not as well-versed in the world’s technological advances. In fact, many of them have a difficult time navigating a smartphone or even a flip phone, which, to us, is one of the most basic phones.

Ways to Ensure Bathroom Safety for Your Elderly

Bathroom safety is among the top reasons why our elderly often ends up in the hospital. The lack of bathroom safety can lead to various injuries, whether internal or external, and because of the fragility of our seniors, the impact may be harder on them than other people. This is why we must always keep an eye out for their general and overall health, and this includes bathroom safety.

3 Tips for Helping Your Loved Ones Prevent Falls

Falling can lead to serious injury for many different kinds of senior citizens and it can happen at any time if we are not vigilant.

3 Tips for Effective Stress Relief in Senior Citizens

Stress can be a very serious problem for many senior citizens. It can lead to health issues, accelerated aging, and it can reduce the quality of life. For this reason, it is important to find effective methods that can help provide effective stress relief for senior citizens. Fortunately, stress relief is a lot easier than it would first seem. Here are a few great methods that can help you live a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle free of stress:

Home Care Power Tips: How to Care for a Senior Who Has COPD

One of the respiratory challenges that occur in the senior years is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). This condition serves as the overall label for all other respiratory conditions that occur at old age, which can worsen over time. If it’s your first time to care for this type of condition, experienced providers of home care services in Orange, Connecticut can help you out until you become able to care for them yourself.

Discount Deals for Seniors

One of the exciting perks of reaching the senior years are the discount deals. However, many seniors don’t actually know that they are entitled to certain discounts. It could either be because they can’t personally drop by these establishments or they can’t access much of this information online.

Home Care and Companionship in Orange, Connecticut | | Amity Home Care

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Home Care and Companion Care | Orange, Connecticut | Amity Home Care

Amity Home Care is a trusted provider of home care services in Orange, Connecticut. We have set a higher standard in our care by observing a comprehensive approach in our services so we can tap into the different needs of our clients in all aspects. Serving the elderly, frail, disabled, and ill, our companion care and homemaker services are thoroughly designed to enhance the quality of life of those in the community.

How Can Exercise Help You Maintain Your Youth

Entering your golden years can be both an exciting and scary time. You are finally retired and able to do the many things you have always wanted to do but at the same time, you are getting older. However, just because you are aging does not mean you have to let go of your youth. There are many methods that can help you maintain your youth and one of the most effective is exercise.

Effective and Fun Exercises You Can Do at an Advanced Age

When it comes to maintaining your health, youth, and independence, there are few things as effective as regular exercise. Exercise will help you boost your strength, immune system, mental health, energy, and much more. It can even help you feel like you’re a whole new personality! So here are a few fun and effective exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Home Care Services | Orange, Connecticut | Amity Home Care

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Heart-Healthy Meal Reminders for Seniors

Since food is a basic necessity of man, it’s also an important element to ensure the health of a person, especially for the elderly. For this reason, our team providing home care services in Orange Connecticut always strive to provide quality meal preparation services for our clients. Our skilled staff team assists your loved ones at home in preparing their meals to ensure that these are healthy, balanced, and nutritious.

Home Care | Home Care in Connecticut | Amity Home Care

Amity Home Care understands the unique and evolving needs of our seniors, the disabled and the ailing. That is why we provide personalized care plans created around the specific needs of our clients and their love ones. Our compassionate caregivers are specially trained to recognize and understand what is required to enhance the health and well being of each and every client.

Hair Care Tips for Aging Loved Ones

Do you know that your aging loved one’s healthy diet can go a long way in ensuring that they also have healthy hair? As the leading provider of Home Care in Orange Connecticut, you can call on us to help see to it that your aging family members are being served healthy meals every day, so that their well-being is healthy, including their hair.

4 General Tips in Preparing Your Living Will

Making the necessary preparations is a normal task to be completed prior to an event, a party or any milestone. But, when it comes to health and life, discussing the necessary arrangements can be quite hard for the entire family. Some may dismiss it while others may put it off.